Buon appetito with Chef Rizzoli Riccardo on Slow Food Night

Slow Food being popular all over the world and now in Sri Lanka thanks to Mount Lavinia Hotel’s efforts, surfaces Coast of Italy to the Paradise Beach: Slow Food Italian night with Chef Rizzoli Riccardo. Chef Riccardo who is the Executive Chef in the Vakarufalhi Island Resort, a sister property of the Mount Lavinia Hotel Group in the Republic of Maldives, states the 24th August 2013 at the Beach Hut from 7pm onwards, will be a night of fresh out of the sea seafood, full of its fragrances and enriched by the authentic flavours and seasoning of Italy. Particularly from the Amalfi Coast the natural fusion of flavours creates a wide variety of irresistible dishes which will be served to all diners.

The chapter in Sri Lanka’s main objective is to pioneer taste and food education, in a casual setting yet family style. “Our next initiative is to join hands with a small scale farmer, breeder, fishers and food artisans whose approach to food production protects the environment and communities. They in turn get into the limelight with us and of course you who join in on the 24th of August too become part of this circle or force of improving the food system,” states Indika Jayawardena, President of the Slow Food Chapter in Sri Lanka.

The Italian Slow Food concept which rides on the farm to table motto, offers the freshest dishes prepared from local ingredients found within the destination. The Slow Food Italian night on the 24th of August will highlight items such as Homemade Squid Ink Strozzapreti, Fried Calamari with Spicy Basil Pesto, Sciatelli (Amalfi coast homemade pasta) with clams and mussels and over 10 recipes that brings out the true flavours of the Amalfi coast. Chef Riccardo who hails from the region states, “Slow Food is about a collected thought of tastes, tradition and consciousness.” With events as such these communities or Slow Food lovers grows every day, making the Slow Food concept of good, clean and fair practices a reality.

He avers that as Slow Food endorses that strong link between plate and planet, the Slow Food night will be a balance of simple choices, respecting of raw materials, attention to detail exalted with authentic seasonings of Italy, since eating well is to feel good.

Mozza-FlagChef Riccardo RizzoliSeafoodSciatelli (Amalfi coast homemade pasta) with clams and mussels

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