Opera Recital Soloists of the Teatro alla Scala Academy of Lyric Opera

A Truly Magical Musical Evening at Mount Lavinia Hotel

The show was sold out and the internationally acclaimed trio, did not disappoint their loyal fans when they presented the concert “Opera Recital Soloists of the Teatro alla Scala, Academy of Lyric Opera on 16th October at the Empire Ballroom.
The soloists performed to a packed audience with their selection of classical pieces with consummate ease, striking a responsive chord with the audience. Musically, it had something for everyone, a combination of music with showmanship. They delighted the audience with performances of much loved classics. They sang with artistry and emotion, be it when they sang solo or as a duo. They moved easily with full blooded notes, that filled the ballroom to the soft and subtle, with devastating control.
Filippo – baritone, Francesca – soprano and Antonella – pianista, had the audience spellbound as they sang from their heart, song after song, each beautifully crafted and executed.
Mount Lavinia Hotel, dedicated to art and theatre set the stage for what was to be one of the most spectacular concerts, Colombo has ever seen.
One hopes that Colombo’s audience will be lucky enough to witness and hear such concerts of pure class. It was indeed a rare concert.

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