South African Winemakers Dinner @ MLH

Winemaker’s night is one of many innovative dining experiences at MLH. This is an event that allows guests to get up close and personal with the maker, of their favourite tipples and it’s a rare opportunity to taste a tailor made menu to suite palates and moods.

It is a well-known fact that good wine is made in the vineyard, and behind any good winemaker lurks a good viticulturist and an even better farm. It is this balance that Hill & Dale winemaker, Guy Webber, believes is the essence of winemaking. Webber’s curiosity and palette has taken him to length and breadth of the globe. He brings to winemaking, an articulate opinion about his greatest passion.

In 1998, Guy joined Stellenzicht Vineyards as winemaker and has enjoyed phenomenal success ever since. What does this talented oenologist believe determines the quality of a wine? Balance. Even during the growing of the grapes. “When the vine gets too much water, the berries swell too much and the resulting wine can literally be watery. If the vine suffers from draught, it gets too stressed and does not ripen its grapes properly. The result is a wine which can best be described as green or stalky. The aim is balance, to give the vine enough water to ripen its berries without diluting them.” This, however, is not where it ends. Balance continues to play a role in the processes of fermentation and maturation of the wine. “Take the fermentation temperature, for example,” Guy explains. “High temperatures result in very good colour and tannin extraction in red wines, but also in the evaporation of much of the grape’s inherent fruit flavours. Webber’s intimate knowledge of each particular vineyard enables him to make the best possible use of the natural advantages at his disposal. The most important thing about balance is to avoid extremes.” This Guy Webber does. Just sample, for instance, his perfectly balanced (and perfectly balanced in every way). Guy, has been seduced, captivated ad convinced over the immense potential South Africa has to offer.

The South African Winemaker’s night at MLH will take place on 6th November at the Maitland State Room. A fine selection of South African wines will be served during the event. These choice of wines will be complemented with a five course dinner priced at Rs 5500/-. Guests will have the opportunity to sample the menu items appropriately paired with selected wines, showcasing the diverse range and compatibility of South African Wines. The dinner is a masterful, multi course gourmet menu paired with award-winning wines, with the objective being to establish a unique experience that guest can get involved.

General Manager, Mr Dewapura says “It is about putting diners in touch with other people, for some light hearted conversation over great food and wine. The first winemakers night was a great success, hence we thought to continue to make people happier. Some people would see it as a more relaxed form of networking, accompanied by the chef and wine connoisseur to add some insights into the dining experience.  So why not join us for a very special event on 6th November at MLH. South African Winemakers Night, your evening could be exalted further on his thoughts on how the vintage went down in South Africa.

The South African Winemakers Dinner is organized in collaboration with Global Brands (Pvt) Ltd. For more details please call 2711711 ext 430


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