Iconic Traditions being relived with Avurudu at MLH

A guest partaking in the traditions of Avurudu Chef Publis amongst Mr Dewapura and Mrs Samaraweera partaking in the lighting of the lamp

Chef Publis having a chat with a few lasses GM welcoming guests to be part of these iconic traditions being relived by MLH

Guests being part of the events Guests enjoying the raban session

Guests enjoying the traditions Guests to the hotel enjoying the traditions

Kirthi too amongst the many that dawned the new year with MLH Mahika explaining the auspicious times and the significant events that occur for the times

More games being played Mr and Mrs Dewapura and Mr and Mrs Samaraweera lighting the lamp on the dawning of the new year at 1.01pm

Mr and Mrs Dewapura lighting the hearth to boil the milk with the hope of prosperity and happiness throughout the year Mr Samaraweera a great patron of MLH enjoying the traditions

Mrs Marso amongst the festivities Other guests too

Preethi enjoying the Onchillawa Raban players

The Kopi Kade and the Onchili waram that are synonymous to Avurudu the little guests enjoying the Pancha Keliya

The sweet treat table with avurudu treats Traditional Games being played at the Terrace

Zanita and GM with Preethi enjoing some treats

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