MLH begins the festive preparations with the International Expatriate Association(IEA)

Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka – The ever so dynamic team of Mount Lavinia Hotel, known for thinking out of the box, takes the traditions to the next level, this time with the support of forward thinking organization, the International Expatriate Association of Colombo (IEA).

“The Christmas and New Year festivities are celebrated by many people in the world, despite their religion and background and that makes it a colorful event with the objective of true spirit of Christmas. We at the Mount Lavinia Hotel have been actively promoting the unity among all for several years now, where the traditional tree lighting ceremony, on the day after the Thanksgiving Day, is being attended by the clergy, representing diverse denominations and faith. Hence starting the festive season with the traditional cake mixing and inviting the members of the International Expatriate Association of Colombo (IEA) is just putting another unique spin on the year end festivities,” said Anura Dewapura, General Manager of Mount Lavinia Hotel.

The International Expatriate Association of Colombo (IEA) was established in October 2007 as a diverse group of expatriates living in Colombo, Sri Lanka and ever since its inception, the group operated with the same purpose. The IEA is a non-profit, non-political association which aims to help expatriates find their way around this lovely island. Close to 180 members from 41 different countries make the IEA and indeed a truly “global group”. The IEA’s membership is open to all expatriates living in Sri Lanka, or Sri Lankans with a foreign passport.

“We are a social forum that is engaged in a array of activities organized by our members for our members and with the generosity of our members, sponsors and partners, we also support four local charities: the Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation, the Victory Special Studies Centre, the Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation and the Home of Compassion,” said Karla Christensen, IEA’s Charity Coordinator.

“What a great opportunity for the IEA to participate at the cake mixing event, one of the many iconic traditions at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. Having had the opportunity to work hand in hand with the pastry team on creating “the traditional sweet delicacy” for the upcoming holidays not only showcased our support but also displayed “the international camaraderie” the IEA is known for,” said Blanka Dewapura, President of IEA.

The fun began at 11 AM in the pastry kitchen where the experienced pastry chefs and members of the IEA got their hands dirty and started mixing the enormous amount of ingredients for the holiday cake.  Among the twelve members of the IEA was seen Mrs. Karla Christensen – Charity Coordinator, Mrs. Shazi Salie – Treasurer, Mrs. Maya Khosla – Membership Coordinator, Mrs. Rukshana Nelson – Activity Hostess, Mrs. Marleen Billen – Activity Hostess, Mrs. Brenda Brennan – Former Board Member, Mrs. Blanka Dewapura – President, Mrs. Barbra Young, Mrs. Latika Alok, and Mrs. Gail Fraser – members of the IEA.

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