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Mount Lavinia Hotel celebrates the release of the new Beaujolais

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Beaujolais nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular vin de primeur, fermented for just a few weeks then officially released for sale on the third Thursday of November. Beaujolais is the “fun” wine on Mount Lavinia Hotel’s wine drinker’s lists. Mr Anura Dewapura states, “It’s not too heavy, it’s very fruity, and it’s very approachable even for non drinkers. It’s the only red wine that actually benefits from being served slightly chilled (this seems to accentuate the fruitiness in the wine.” Yet good Beaujolais is still complex enough to hold interest. Best of all, there is a quaint requirement by French Law that all Beaujolais grapes are picked by hand.

Mount Lavinia Hotel celebrates the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau 2009 with a night of BEAUJOLAIS PASSIONS with French culinary extraordinaire and indeed re-creating the French ceremony in the heart of Colombo. The frenzy the Beaujolais Nouveau’s arrival generates is almost as high as the build up for a major award show. Hence, the hotel will feature French culinary delicacies, and live music. Mr Dewapura avers, “Guests will not only be able to taste the Beaujolais Nouveau 2009, but also explore many other wines, sample great food, dance, have fun, and enjoy what Mount Lavinia Hotel loves to boast wine, food and ambiance.”

The dates are set from 21st to 28th Nov 2009 and it is at the Governor’s restaurant. A variety of dishes ranging from Les escargots de la region( Burgundy Snails with melted butter spiced with garlic), La Darne De Seer la facon du rhone(Cutlet of Seer, white grapes, fresh cream, shallots, white wine garnished with fresh asparagus), Les fillets de sole au Beaujolais(lemon sole fillets cooked in white Beaujolais and cream and shallots mushrooms, crayfish and quenelle of pike) and desserts like la poire au vin de Beaujolais(fresh pear cooked in syrup and beaujolais) and much more will be yours to fancy and it indeed calls for celebration this week with wine and great food.

Japanese cuisine in the limelight at the 5th Slow Food Night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Japan-Chairman having a chat with H E Mr Bernard Savage -Ambassador of the European Union

Enjoying good food is an essential pleasure. But the slow-food chapter in Colombo asks whether “good food” can mean more than simply the flavor and presentation of a meal. “When we talk about quality food, we mean something that is good to taste but also good in terms of its background,’ ” said Chef Leo President of the Slow Food Chapter in Sri Lanka. Therefore, 21st of November, the Governor’s Rooftop will be Japanese cuisine in all its glory with Master Chef Dharshan Munidasa of Nihonbashi, inspired in fine Japanese cuisine, who has now endorsed Slow Food Cooking is the future.

“Slow food known to be about ‘eco-gastronomy,’ in which it appreciates not only food itself but also things ‘outside the plate,’ such as the method of cooking, the producers and the food’s history,” said Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager of the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Slow Food nights at the Mount Lavinia Hotel are a different approach to food from gourmets, who appreciate only the taste and look of the food on the plate. It appreciates wider issues around food which is key to understanding the Slow Food movement. Slow Food Colombo has gathered more than 40 members since it was established in July this year. Although the term “slow food” is often used to mean simply the opposite of fast food, Chef Leo says, “we have come too far in this speed-oriented life. We should now eat or consume only the amount of food we really need. We should be more conscious of the food we eat.”

When asked Chef Leo as to the reason for Japanese cuisine on the 5th Slow Food night, he states, “it is actually about constructing new values regarding food, building relationships with fellow chefs and considering where and when it was made and what history or tradition it represents.”

Egyptian Folk Dance Night live at Mount Lavinia Hotel, 19th Nov 2009

Friday, November 27th, 2009

With a red Veilxx

19th Nov 2009 Mount Lavinia Hotel promises their most exciting evening with genuine oriental dance performances including the Amazing “Wing dance”, Fantastic “Tabla”, and Mysterious veil dance by the Almeya Trio.

When you mention Belly Dancing (Dance Oriental) to most people, their first thoughts are of something rather sordid, but this is not the case. Belly Dancing is a beautiful, cultural art form that has had a great deal of bad press for far too many years. The dance is also an expression of motion. From the ecstatic joy in the dynamic music, through the sensuality of smooth fold and power of the sharp hip movement to the pulsing drum and mystical veil, the moods and emotion of the belly dance reflect the dancer’s inner life and enhance her connection to her essential self.

The dance goes back to centuries ago and has had many influences over the years and Europe (Spain, Greece and Turkey) has influenced the Arabic dance.

Belly dancing is a creative art, and every woman brings her own experience and personality to her dance, that is where it becomes the ability to transform and transcend through a connection of body and rhythm that is simultaneously primal and cosmic.

19th November 2009 at the Governor’s Restaurant whilst indulging in flavours of Moghuls and Maharajas as the food spread for the evening. Almeya will keep you entertained.

Crispy Crust Grilled Pizzas at MLH

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Grilled pizza anyone? It doesn’t sound right, does it? Nobody really is completely sold on the idea until they actually taste the finished product. “Once they take that first crispy bite and taste the smokiness of the crust and the flavor of the fresh toppings they become true believers of the Mount Lavinia Hotel’s grilled pizzas,”states Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager of the hotel who guarantees grilled pizzas are far more tastier than baked pizzas.

After all, when it comes to pizza Mount Lavinia Hotel knows the best way to retain the flavours and enhance the typical taste of sophistication. Furthermore, the grilling method adds an amazing smokiness that goes so well with the creamy cheese.

Grilled pizza is created by taking a fairly thin round (more typically, an irregularly-shaped sheet) of yeasted pizza dough, placing it directly over the fire of the grill, and then turning it over once the bottom has baked and placing a thin layer of toppings on the baked side. “Grilled Pizzas are divine it is that ultimate flavour that will get hot enough to give the dough that crisp-on-the-outside, supple-on-the-inside texture,” states Mr Dewapura.

The Grilled Pizza Menu on offer is as follows:

  • Button and Oyster Mushrooms, Oregano, Mozzarella Cheese Topped with shredded Lettuce and Tomato Slices -Rs.700.00
  • Spicy Beef, Capsicum, crushed Black Peppercorns, Onion, Mozzarella Cheese and Oregano -Rs.700.00
  • Boiled Ham, Tropical Pineapple, Smoked Bacon, Mozzarella Cheese and Basil – Rs.800.00
  • Tandoori Chicken, Mint Chutney and Paneer Cheese – Rs.800.00
  • Avocado, Fresh Tomatoes, Peppers and Olives, Mozzarella Cheese and Mayoram  – Rs.450.00
  • Spicy Shrimps and Calamari, Roasted Peppers and Onion, Mozzarella Cheese and Basil – Rs.750.00
  • Garlic, Chili, Shitake Mushrooms, Anchovies and Egg, Mozzarella Cheese and Oregano – Rs.700.00

Japanese Slow food night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel was an Attitude as much as a fabulous evening

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The guests enjoying the first course

When the night of 21st of November at the Mount Lavinia Hotel was dedicated to a “Japanized” Slow Food Night, the thought may have crossed many minds as to how are they going to surface a Slow Food night with authentic and indeed inspired fine Japanese cuisine. As Chef Dharshan stated, “Why Nihonbashi! Nihonbashi is slow food! he stated, “We prepare every dish ala minute and from ingredients that are not frozen. “

He stated that this dinner at the beautiful Maitland State Room at Mount Lavinia Hotel was indeed a challenge as he made the menu with 100% local main ingredients. The menu consisted of Sashimi, Tuna New Style Sashimi, Ebi Shio Yaki with Wasabi Mayo, Cuttle Fish Semi Sashimi with Peperoncino, Sarana Goma Ae, Chicken Liver Teriyaki with Rice and Soy and Olive Oil Steamed Fish with rice

The main aim of the slow-food night was to protect local food producers, to promote taste education and to protect food heritage. And the Slow Food dinner pays attention not only to our country’s internal problems, but also to global issues such as biodiversity and environmentally sustainable farming.

“The great thing about supporting Slow Food is one can adopt the slow-food philosophy even if you are living in a luxury villa because the fact is that you have to eat food, and that links you to the producers, no matter where they are in the world. This is the most fascinating aspect of this movement,” says Anura Dewapura General Manager of the Hotel.

The evening was spent in gourmet food style. The guests appreciated and enjoyed the selected food on the plate with their refined tastes all cooked up by Chef Dharshan but also paid attention to the origins of the food, such as the producers and their lives. One guest endorsed that, “Slow food may cost a bit more, but I am willing to pay for food that I really want to eat if I believe that it is fairly priced.”

“To promote alternative lifestyles that focus on environmentally sustainable living components and indeed organic food is often more expensive. But if you believe it is good for you and also good for the environment, paying the extra cost for a fabulous meal at a unique venue is only reasonable,” stated another ardent fan of Slow Food dinners at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Slow food is not difficult. It is saying ‘let’s enjoy food,’ and is trying to preserve a society in which you can pursue that pleasure.

The slow-food philosophy states share meals with your family and friends. Hence the long rectangular table at the Maitland State Room where all partook and savoured the delicacies of Chef Dharshan’s menu which indeed was the essence of a fabulous Slow Food Night.

Retro Nights and grooves from the 70’s and 80’s at the Little Hut to bring back the nostalgia into Sri Lanka

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The hype has built up over the past few months ever since Mount Lavinia Hotel(MLH) had a standing ovation for Jazz at the Mount 2009, now an annual event on the calendar of MLH. But, you need not wait any longer for unique entertainment, professional service and authentic retro grooves, Little Hut known to be the only retro lounge nightspot, be will be the most happening nightspots in Colombo.

Listening to the latest offerings from new stars probably will get your head bopping and your toes tapping. But oldies can do so much more than that. They have the unique ability to transport you back in time, back to that first schooldays’ dance when you stood against the wall, stiffly watching everyone else whirl about to Van Halen’s “Jump” and wondering why you couldn’t, too. Added to that, twenty and thirty somethings’modern music, while it may be catchy, simply doesn’t have the same take-you-back power as songs from the ’70s.

When asked by the General Manager why Retro? …, Retro has the enviable reputation for its vibrant atmosphere and feel good factor. Retro promises a great night out for everyone. We guarantee an experience that will keep you coming back time and time again…

The stunning interior LED lit wall on the dance floor, stainless steel and glass décor, and indeed the ambiance of the Little Hut will be the added values at the rejuvenated Little Hut. Little Hut will open on the 28th of November and Fridays and Saturdays thereafter will be the most happening retro lounge nightspot in town.  Mr Anura Dewapura states, “We will be featuring a 7PM Happy Hour, and closing at 3AM. There will also be an entrance ticket draw and 5 lucky people will get 5 free tickets to the exclusive gonuts & strawberries party which is on the 5th of Dec at the little hut.” He also avers, “We have much on the cards the best retro couple dancing stars will be honoured with fabulous prizes that may entitle them to a night’s stay you never know what awaits at MLH.” The couple who dresses to match the retro theme will be made special with dinner vouchers.  And do not forget to drop off your business card and stand a chance to win a free spa treatment for two at the coconut spa. Hey why not make it a weekend at the MLH, since MLH is now ready to face the new year.

Little hut home to some of the hottest stars of yesteryear who have now made the entertainment circuit in the world like Hussain Jiffry, Dylan Lye, Alston Koch and many more, will also feature world-class DJs and celebrity hosts using Little Hut as their venue, not merely for revelry, but for endless, lavish, state of the art entertainment and mostly as one artiste would state, “No matter how obscure your taste or how individual your look is, you’ll find a retro lounge nightspot where you’ll feel right at home at the Little Hut.”

The space’s versatility makes it perfect for corporate and private events, easily accommodating catered events, live music, fashion shows, and corporate presentations. The venue’s components and furniture are all modular and removable, allowing for a wide variety of floor plans. Little hut was revamped and designed to shrink or expand to fit the needs of each event, with our professional Food and beverage team working hand-in-hand with the guest to make the night go perfectly.

In the months to come, expect a wide variety of amazing events, thematic nights, world-class music, and a glamorous, diverse crowd, all with a spotlight on superb guest service with experience in mind and attention to detail. Mr Dewapura states, “Our friendly staff has the experience, skills, and “personal touch” that makes every party or event the stylish success the city’s been missing.”

December brings seasonal cheer and joyous atmosphere to brighten up Mount Lavinia Hotel Holiday Foods from across the globe, traditions, and Family-Oriented Activities mark the Holiday Season at the Mount Lavinia Hotel

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Escape the pace of the holiday season and celebrate December at Mount Lavinia Hotel in a relaxed, tropical style. Our incomparable location, around the world food, Gospel Sunday brunch, and convenient access makes the Mount Lavinia Hotel a favorite destination.

But the Mount Lavinia Hotel takes on a special lustre in December, with traditional holiday decorations that is highlighted with turquoise and silver – and a program of uniqueness like celebrations on St Lucia’s Day and St Nicholas’Day, festive refreshments, and entertaining activities designed to take away the stress of the holidays and leave you with only the Spirit of the Holidays.

Mr Anura Dewapura states, “our theme this year is highlighting the worldly delights celebrated at Christmas. The Governor’s Restaurant will feature from 1st to 24th food synonymous to countries particularly consumed at Christmas so you could taste the same.”

The festive sounds of holiday carolers of Voice Print, S’Thomas College Choir(Nuovo Vita) and the Wisemen Choir will fill the night air as they tour the hotel and highlight special nights with their voices. The schedule is as follows:

02.12.2009          Nuovo Vita
06.12.2009          Voice Print
13.12.2009          Nuovo Vita
21-24.12.2009     Nuovo Vita
21-22.12.2009     Wisemen Choir (They will perform only after Nuovo Vita)

A relaxing way to unwind in the afternoon is by the Terrace with Gospel Jazz Sunday Brunch with Voice Print, Jags Quartet and indeed Jerome Speldewinde that is set to captivate you. Gluh wine and Saffron Buns will be served at the Governor’s Rooftop on St Lucia’s Day, one of Mount Lavinia Hotel’s signature venues.

Have the children be our guest this season and enjoy complimentary treats in the hotel. Executive Chef Udo has designed a special Kid’s menu to ensure everyone, including the youngest of guests, enjoy their holidays.

The new year eve celebrations on the Terrace with glitz and glamour will be the theme of the night at “Glamour Night,” with bands Sharmen and the Reggae Colours, C&C along with DJ Pierre and oh yes Jerome Speldewinde in full swing to ring in the new year.

Mr Anura Dewpaura adds, “This will be a fantastic festive season filled with fun nights, live music and super food from all over the world so come and join us in the enchanting colonial mansion and share in the magic of the season.”

Just for you to be aware The calendar of events is as follows:

01.12.2009-13.12.2009 Japanese Winter Festival Seafood Cove Dinner Japanese Seafood Promotion
10.12.2009 Slow Food Tropical Hut Dinner Christmas Around the World
01.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Italian
02.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Scottish
02.12.2009 Lighting of Christmas Tree Courtyard Evening Cocktail S’ Thomas College


03.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Finish
04.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner Swiss + Jerome Speldewinde will perform
05.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner French + Jerome Speldewinde
06.12.2009 New Orleans Brunch Governors Terreace Brunch Jazz Band + Jerome Speldewinde
06.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Puerto Rican+Ape Kema
06.12.2009 St. Nicholas Day Beach Evening Cocktail Voice Print Choir
07.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner British
08.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner American
09.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Swedish
10.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner German
11.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Brazilian + Jerome Speldewinde
12.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Spanish (+ Jerome Speldewinde
13.12.2009 New Orleans Brunch Governors Terreace Brunch Jazz Band + Jerome Speldewinde
13.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Netherlands+Ape Kema (Live Band)
13.12.2009 St. Lucia Day Governors Roof Top Evening Cocktail S’Thomas College Choir
14.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Ireland
15.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Australian
16.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Russian
17.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Greek
18.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terreace Dinner Polish  + Jerome Speldewinde
19.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner Norwegian  +Jerome Speldewinde
20.12.2009 New Orleans Brunch Governors Terace Brunch Jazz Band + Jerome Speldewinde
20.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner Mexican+Ape Kema (
21.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner Austrian
21.12.2009-24.12.2009 Christmas Carols All outlets Evening S’Thomas College Choir
22.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner South African
23.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner Portuguese
24.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner European
25.12.2009 Christmas around the World Ball Room & Governors Terrace Lunch X mas Lunch buffet + Jerome Speldewinde
25.12.2009 Christmas around the World Governors Terrace Dinner X mas around the world buffet + Jerome Speldewinde
27.12.2009 Gospel Brunch Governors Terrace Brunch Gospel Brunch (Voice Print+Jerome Speldewinde + Jags Quartet Jazz band
31.12.2009 New Years Eve Governors Terrace Dinner Glamour Night (Sharmen and the Reggae Colours and C&C, Jerome Speldewinde and DJ Pierre
02.12.2009-30.12.2009 Ginger Bread House Governors Foyer Christmas Goodies will be sold

Mount Lavinia Hotel plays host to Colombo Heritage Car Rally

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Heritage Car Rally3-Cars at the courtyard

The Colombo Heritage Rally 2009 organized by the Volkswagen Beetle Owners Club on 8th Nov 2009 caught attention of automobile enthusiasts in the city. The Rally had a unique theme that the participants were given tasks emphasizing the heritage instilled in our country.

An array of Volkswagen Beetles made in the 50’s to 70’s was lined up at the courtyard of the famed Mount Lavinia Hotel where they were flagged off to venture the streets of Colombo on their heritage car rally.

Peter Jasinghe, President of the Club states, states, “The objective of the rally is to create awareness of our heritage sites in the vicinity of Colombo and surroundings whilst interacting among members and having fun.”

Peter also added, “The owners of the cars came forth to participate with a sense of pride. And to maintain these cars, one need not be educated, but has to be a very skilled person and have a historical interest in the car.”

“It’s wonderful to see all these old cars come back into their former glory and particularly to be flagged off from a premier heritage site is a privilege for Mount Lavinia Hotel to be associated with an event that is in line with our objectives,” avers Mahika Chandrasena, Manager Corporate Communications of the hotel.

The Volkswagen Beetle Owners Club has been active for the past 10 years and has 225 members. At present there are approximately 50 Volkswagens in the club.

Gingerbread House

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Global No Pesticides Use Day commemorated by Mount Lavinia Hotel

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Since December 3rd has been designated the Global “No Pesticides Use Day” to commemorate what many consider the worst chemical disaster in the history of humankind–Bhopal. The date was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, which occurred 3 December, 1984, and killed hundreds and injured thousands of people. And indeed the day aims to draw attention to the life threatening impacts of chemical pesticides on people and the environment.

Mount Lavinia Hotel’s Green initiatives main mission is to offer tangible ideas to be actively shaping the environment that they live in, and commemorating a day as such is one of their pledges to a better tomorrow.

The General Manager of the hotel states, “We passionately reject the presence of pesticides in our property they are in no way contributing to improving the quality of life of our people.”

To commemorate the day Mount Lavinia Hotel will launch their compost manufacturing unit in the property along with the day spent on spraying foliage in the premises with Kohomba Oil. The objective of spraying Kohomba Oil or Neem Oil is to purify the air in addition it prevents insects being attracted to the foliage. It also has important liminoids which play an excellent synergistic effect on Insects/Pests.