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The countdown has begun for the International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) 2010 at Mount Lavinia Hotel

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese, the official dish of the IDIC 2010

On 17th January 2010 Mount Lavinia Hotel will be the epicentre of the great ola of tagliatelle al ragù. Falling on Sunday, the 2010 IDIC will be a unique opportunity to celebrate the Italian Sunday Dinner, that according to the Italian tradition it´s the day reserved for a special meal done the right way. These meals deserve an exclusive chapter in the history and life of Italian Cuisines. Mount Lavinia Hotel and Resorts’s own Chef Ira is an Italian-GVCI(Gruppo Virtuale Chef Italiani), his assistant Chef Leo interpret the Italian Dinner in its truest form. Mount Lavinia Hotel will have video clips in connection with the celebration of past years, and will be, of course, clips on Bologna, where a great honor to tagliatelle al ragù will be held.

The annual appeal to Italian culinary professionals and lovers of Italian food, is a tradition by now. Thousands of them will join Italian Chefs-GVCI on January 17th to celebrate authentic Italian cuisine and to protect it from forgery and counterfeiting.

The International Day of Italian Cuisines is born from a mission with an aim to educate worldwide patrons, but more than anything else, to protect the right to get what guests pay for when going to restaurants labelled as “Italian”, that is: authentic and quality Italian cuisine.” Organized by Chef Leo and Chef Ira of Mount Lavinia Hotels and Resorts chain the International Day of Italian Cuisines promises to be an exciting and successful event at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

The dish of the 2010 International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) will be Tagliatelle al ragù alla bolognese. Hundreds of Italian chefs around the world will repeat on January 17th 2010 the ola of the last two years, when the dishes to be celebrated and protected were Carbonara and Risotto alla Milanese. Tagliatelle al ragù, originally and symbolic of the city of Bologna and its surroundings, is by now one of the most popular dishes of Italian Cuisine and therefore the most counterfeited around the world. “We want to let Italian food lovers all around the world know how to cook and enjoy a quality authentic tagliatelle al ragù which, in the majority of the cases, has nothing to do with the awful, wrongly called ‘bolognaise sauces’”, says Maldives based GVCI’s Chef Ira.