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From Misty to Mixology to Chocolate Dinner Extraordinaire for the Valentine Month at Mount Lavinia Hotel

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

“I probably have a little every day, because I think it makes you feel good when you get some.” Those are the words of a chocolate lover, when asked what are their premonitions on a chocolate covered month?

Those sweet desires are not just imagined. Researchers have found that eating chocolate, the number one food craver, causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make you feel good. So we took this chocolate sentiment and created a month to totally feel good with a little bit of Mount Lavinia Hotel’s unique flavours to create that unforgettable experience.

There are few foods for which people feel such a passion – a passion that goes beyond a love for the sweetness of most candies and – the Chocolate High Tea along with a chocolate beverage menu with favourites like Chocolate Daiquiri, Kandos Mojitos, and much more throughout the month is a treat for all senses.

A innovative chocolate dessert per week will make you scream for sweet revenge. The weekly sweet treat is follows:

1st Week – Chocolate Brownie Bottom Cheese cake

2nd Week – Fudge Truffle Cappuccino Mousse Cake

3rd Week – Berry Berry Chocolate with Nutty Caramel Sauce

4th Week – Chocolate Peanut Butter chipped glazed Fudge

Chocolate Mixology sessions at Sundown on 12th of February, is an interactive mixology session. One will learn to pour like a pro and mix like a master, to properly set up a bar, different ways to serve drinks, what garnishes go with which cocktails, and how to make some favorites including a selection of Chocolate and Dessert Cocktail. A view on Chocolate and indeed a healthy side of Chocolate that you may want to get your thoughts rolling on. After the class, a complimentary hour open bar will be held to mix and mingle.

The highlight of the Chocolate Dinner extraordinare would be where one lucky winner gets to fly off to exotic Maldives on a romantic getaway courtesy SriLankan Holidays. A string quartet directed by Ananda Dabare will also add some spice to the wonderful evening. This is to be held on Valentine’s Eve at the Governor’s Rooftop. The price includes dinner for two with wines and soft drinks.

Then on Valentine’s Day the beach will be chirping with love nests where twenty couples can dine under the stars in a Love Hut made for two. Lavinia Dinner under the stars will feature Misty and that is held at the Governor’s Terrace.

Some say it can’t be done, pairing wine with chocolate, but once the right wine is found to complement the right chocolate it can be a match made in heaven! Whether pairing a delicate white chocolate or a lively dark chocolate with wine, there are a few pairing tips that will be tried at the Italian Slow Food Night with Italian Guest Chef Ira from Vakarufalhi scheduled for the 27th of February where guests can indulge in a Chocolate and Italian Wine pairing session topped with an Italian Slow Food Night.

Chocolate and Tea tasting at sundown on 20th February will lead participants to an informative and engaging presentation on the history of teas and chocolate. A variety of 18th and 19th century teas and chocolates will be highlighted. And after the tea class, a complimentary hour open bar will be on the cards.

The Chocolate covered Sunday Jazz Brunch with Vogue Jewellers on 14th February, a fashion show from 1-3pm and the highlight for all lovers will be semi-precious stones infused into the Valentine Day desserts which indeed are set to tantalize all senses. The chocolate infused high tea buffet, Chocolate beverage menu that will last for the whole month and much more awaits this all who crave for unique entertainment.  “Kandos being an event partner along with SriLankan Holidays and Vogue Jewellers coming on aboard with us also affirms our commitment to develop mutually beneficial partnerships so that our businesses will grow from strength to strength,” stated Mr Dewapura. Who is a chocoholic himself, is Hershey experience in the US has added to the birth of “An Affair with Chocolate” at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Swedish Culinary Classics to events that surface the historical value along with Down Under favourites at Mount Lavinia Hotel in the month of March

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Sweden being a new market excelling in the inbound travellers to Sri Lanka and indeed a potential market to be a strong contender for the top spot in inbound tourism, Mount Lavinia Hotel took the initiative to highlight the relationship and make the people of Sri Lanka aware of the super storm that is whirling into Sri Lanka to highlight Sri Lanka a notch more.

“We at Mount Lavinia Hotel are en par with growth facets in terms of potential travellers arriving in Sri Lanka and we will cater to their personal needs and in the same time people of Sri Lanka too need to be aware of the market that is making waves hence the reason for a Swedish Culinary Festival,” states Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Traditional Swedish cooking cannot be compared with the sophistication of French or Italian cuisine. Swedish food is usually simple and satisfying, and nowadays also healthy. Yet in the last few decades borrowed luxuries from other culinary cultures have enriched their food culture with a host of exciting dishes. Elegance and refinement with delicate taste sensations by the young generation of Swedish Chefs has made it exciting by creating innovative dishes with both colour and design however totally inspired by the richness of centuries old Swedish culinary traditions. Lingonberries, cloudberries, root vegetables, Baltic herring, wild game and not least Västerbotten cheese in new ways are the main essence in the recipes. Guest Chef Mats from the Grand Hotel will cook up the Swedish delicacies. Some of the many dishes that will be yours to venture from 17th to 21st March will be Biff a la Lindstrom; a Swedish classic with a Russian connection, Gravad lax; which is of French origin and the authentic Kall inkokt lax; a Swedish Midsummer Classic, along with Hjortronparfait; a cloudberry parfait and many other sought after Swedish desserts. 27th March will be the Slow Food Night with Swedish delicacies being the highlight at the Maitland State Room that will capture an ambiance that blends well with the history and originality.

“Like cookies and milk go together, Mount Lavinia Hotel and home-made delicacies are a combination that is indeed synonymous to Mount Lavinia Hotel’s idea of food for thought. The first week of March will be a gastronomic delight for crab lovers, as the ‘All you can eat crab’ promotion offers an unlimited amount of crab cooked in a variety of styles.  From March 8-14, the pool terrace offers guests the opportunity to sample a variety of home-made hot dogs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, Whether you call them hot dogs, red hots, wieners, franks or frankfurters, a variety of home made sausages with an assortment of condiments that suits the Sri Lankan and global palette are yours to tuck into, “avers Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager and further adds that all meat items including sausages are halaal.  Those with more foodie tastes can indulge themselves at the Australian wine and cheese festival from March 25-28, while mixing and mingling at the pool terrace.

As we can see it Mount Lavinia Hotel has a substantial history covering 200 years and holds a very important place in the historical records and heritage of Sri Lanka, positioned prominently in status along with an event that has gained recognition; the 73rd Annual Two Mile Sea Swim organized by the Sri Lanka Aquatic Union which will be held on 7th March on shores of Mount Lavinia Hotel, will unveil a momentous event on the 6th of March when they hold the Masters Open Water Sea Swim named: Surf to Turf.

“As a Governor’s Residence was the soul to many an entertainment and event we too venture into events that blends well with the historical significances and spirit, giving enjoyment to the many guests and travellers who visit this historic hotel,” states Mr Anura Dewapura when questioned about the continuous affiliation to the Annual Two Mile Sea Swim.