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A night of celebration at the Brazilian Slow Food

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The 10th Slow Food Night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel was indeed a night of celebration. Brazilian Slow Food at the Horizon Rooftop; a venue where the view of the Indian Ocean was remarkable, enticed many a clientele to a fabulous menu served by Chef Leo. June Aldons and her friends who are die-hard fans of the MLH decided to make it an evening of celebration when they celebrated their brother, Rick Aldon’s birthday in the midst of the event. Brazilian food caters for all tastes and standards and indeed is very high in the scale if most liked food. There are many traditional dishes and regional specialties, such as those developed by the Bahians, during the days when they had to cook scraps and anything that could be caught locally, together with coconut milk and palm oil and indeed the evening had some recipes that emphasized the Bahian influence.

The evening was celebrated with Brazil’s eclectic cuisine varied from Brazilain Style Stuffed Eggplant salad, Gaucho BBQ with Beef, Pork & chicken, Brazilian Beef Creole, Bahian Fish Stew, Feijoada (Black bean Stew) with Brazilian Style Rice and indeed Baked Banas with Rum and Brazilian Iced Chocolate  to add that sweetness to the happy ending.