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Upgrading the British Governor’s Residence

Monday, August 16th, 2010

A British Governor’s residence forms the nucleus of the hotel which has expanded in size and style to the sprawling colonial palace it is today. It’s unique products being the unusually extensive beach frontage, a generous terrace (overlooking the bay and offering a stunning panorama of the Colombo skyline), a spectacular view of the ocean, an absolutely incredible atmosphere and indeed the famous romance rainbowed over the hotel one of the reasons why, perhaps, it is a favourite choice for lovers, weddings and honeymoons.

“We are delighted to announce that refurbishment plans to retain the old world charm and imperial elegance of yesteryear combined with the most up to date facilities of a modern heritage resort that any discerning traveler might ask for, are already underway,” states Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager Mount Lavinia Hotel.

While the planned upgrading is focused on the accommodation and comfort of the guests, the overall scope of the project will encompass public spaces of the hotel like the lobby, entrance, and innovative Food and beverage ideas which are on the drawing board.

The upgrading follows the appointment of the new General Manager and his vision of being the premier heritage hotel and transformational leadership qualities of injecting enthusiasm and energy amongst the team members.

Described as being “handsomely built, laid out in mahogany and calamander wood”, the mansion, with its white columns, polished wooden floors, intricately carved wood ceilings and wide windows open to the sea breezes, housing 226 exceptionally furnished and equipped rooms and suites, will create opportunities for all guests to experience the unique Lavinia hospitality that engulfs the aesthetic beauty of this stately building yet captivating imperial elegance.

200 years after Sir Thomas Maitland fashioned his ‘house in the country’, the Mount Lavinia Hotel continues today in the same impressive style in the most elegant surroundings, attracting many visitors from all over the globe, and creating the most romantic location…..