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Eco-Kids of MLH spread the wealth with a Green Initiative idea

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The EcoKids showing off their works

Green program at MLH helps make budding green dreams a reality…

‘Tis the season when our thoughts turn to gathering with our friends and family and celebrating the time of year. That doesn’t mean it’s time to throw out your ‘green’ sensibilities for the sake of togetherness. Well Mount Lavinia Hotel is certainly got their senses intact and is taking measures to make Going Green more than just a trend.

One such initiative is the Eco Kids art and essay competition that was held recently with all participants being the kids of MLH. “We believe all great ideas begin at home and for certain no green idea is too big or too small for consideration by the Mount Lavinia Hotel’s green team,” states Mr Ruwan Punchihewa, Director HR of MLH

Educate students! This is a school’s number one role in going green: change the mindset and behavior of the next generation. Schools are now teaching students about global warming, climate change, renewable resources and all of the exciting technologies utilizing these, about recycling of solid wastes and water, and about green building.

More than 20 eco-experts – aged 15 and under – gathered at the hotel to share an exciting green message. Either by way of an art competition or essay competition and the topics were: Let us create a green planet, Are humans destroying planet earth? and The world in another 25 years. The Community development arm of the Go Green Team at MLH announced this Green program that put into perspective of how kids view “Green the planet is” and in turn help make their green dreams a reality. The winners will be announced at the Team Member’s Day that is scheduled for 28th Nov 2010.

“Kids are just as likely to be leading the green charge as they are to be following green examples,” says Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager. “We believe that the greatest actions often grow from small ideas, so we wanted to give our MLH families kids an opportunity to put green ideas into action and to inspire other kids, parents and communities to make a positive environmental difference.” He further stated.

No green idea is too big or too small for consideration by the Mount Lavinia Hotel’s green team. Other eco-worthy efforts done in hotel are:

  • The Kaduru project
  • Community clean-up programs on the beach
  • Waste/energy reduction programs in the hotel

The winners will receive cash prizes that have been released from the welfare fund of the hotel.

Iconic Mount Lavinia Hotel wins Gold: Best Web 2010

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Web developing team at MLH'-Anura Sisil and Vajira

MLH announced that they have achieved a corporate recognition and achieved GOLD by competing in the corporate criteria in the BEST WEB competition. “Though we are not a corporate hotel, Mount Lavinia Hotel has proved to be the best in the corporate criteria and it also proves that if we believe that we can do it, the sky is the limit!”, states Mr Anura Dewapura, the General Manager, after their big win was announced just moments ago.

This unique and innovative competition organized by the LK Domain registry has culminated numerous accolades by the sponsors, winners and the participants and much enthusiasm and exuberance as the most popular event of the year. This web based competition provides an exclusive opportunity to promote and popularize the Sri Lankan websites ad showcase the Sri Lankan web identity online.

This is not the first achievement for this year, they were awarded Bronze in Earth Accounting by the Earth Check organization for their green program. Earthcheck is used by travel and tourism organisations around the world to confirm their carbon claims and guide their sustainability initiatives.

It is encouraging to see that MLH has introduced many innovative ways that host communities, team members and guests are being educated about the benefits of treading lightly on the planet.

Mount Lavinia Hotel position as preferred venue for MICE market in India

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The outbound MICE(Meetings Incentives Conferences and Exhibition) market in India position Mount Lavinia Hotel as the most promising MICE destination in Sri Lanka,’ statement quoted from a representative from Polaris, as saying.

To utilize the full potential of Sri Lanka as a tourist destination, it is necessary to identify, develop and promote new and innovative tourism products that attract the consumer with sun sea and sand taken into perspective,” states Mr Savio Mendonza – Manager Sales for Indian Market at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. A fully fledged Indian national who knows what the market requires in terms of facilities and venue location.

Out of Sri Lanka’s half a million tourist arrivals each year, about 15 percent are in the MICE sector. India with an outbound MICE market of one million a year is the islands biggest customer, with 15,000 to 20,000 MICE arrivals each year, states Savio Mendonza

We want as an industry to increase the MICE visits from India to 90,000 from the annual 20,000, during the next three years. And at MLH we are helping the cause tremendously to gain that leading edge by being the preferred venue and trying to achieve this target.”

“So far MLH have had Indian groups come and indulge in what Mount Lavinia Hotel has to offer.” Here are some of the companies that experienced what MLH has to offer:

Style,Spa and Furniture
GE Health care
Pearson Education
New Airways Travels
Vectra – Aviation company – 52 guests from across the globe were housed in the hotel.
Micronutrient Initiative


The immediate post war period gave rise to a dramatic increase in arrivals in Sri Lanka, confirming the fact that the tourism industry is a front-end industry – first to fall heavily when there are problems, and the first to recover once problems are over. The market mix is still heavily weighted towards the Western Europe region, which amounts to almost 40 percent of the entire market share (with UK accounting for about 45 percent of this segment), confirming that Sri Lanka is still predominantly dependant on the Western traveler, contrary to what is being talked about. However, South Asia is now taking on a major share of almost 26 percent of the total market, indeed, India, as expected, accounts for 70 percent of that share, confirming the fact that it is fast becoming an important market for Sri Lanka.

MLH has also successfully attracted new Indian MICE groups like IDG Media. This marks the first time that the event is held in Asia. “Sri Lanka was selected for the conference because of its excellent business location, geographical accessibility, originality in approach to scientific content, and exceptional conference facilities and why they chose Mount Lavinia Hotel, was for the exotic location and the iconic heritage site it is.”With a substantial history covering 200 years and holding a very important place in the historical records and heritage of Sri Lanka, positioned prominently in status along with the two other former Governor’s Residences, the President’s House in Colombo and the Pavilion in Kandy, Mount Lavinia is one of the oldest and most important surviving colonial buildings in Sri Lanka; it is one of the few remaining buildings that bear a testimony to the legacy left by the British during their period of rule, which may be the reason for it to be the preferred choice.

At the same time, MLH continues to grow and build on the success of signature wedding bashes which showcases MLH’s exotic venues such as the Governor’s Rooftop and Tropical Hut on the beach. One notable event in the MLH events in the pipeline is the Indian Wedding that will occur in the hotel in Jan 2011 that will house 200 guests and the whole house transformed to a manor by the sea. The event will welcome Indian guests and other guests from over five different countries.

With the growing number of environmentally educated consumers, expectations are higher of both leisure travelers and corporate meeting guests. To assist in this cause, MLH has also developed a Green Meeting Package for conferences and even small and medium meeting sessions. The Going Green experience tends to cover three main points of discussion – conserving energy and resources, recycling and reusing of products, and utilizing local and organic opportunities. The new package has been formatted to touch all three of these key points. A spin-off of the original conference and meeting package, it includes all of the same standard features – overnight guest room, conference dining, break stations, and audio visual. This package, unlike the rest, adds an environmental advantage with a few significant features and a charitable partnership.