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Gospel Jazz Sunday Brunch: an iconic tradition at MLH

Monday, December 27th, 2010

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Christmas eve dinner at the Governor’s mansion

Monday, December 27th, 2010

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Christmas Lunch at MLH

Monday, December 27th, 2010



Gospel Jazz Sunday Brunch at MLH: Two iconic traditions merge into one

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Family time at Brunch

Kids in pool

Raw Bar shooters and the delectable spread

Gospel and Jazz by Voice Print, Soul Sounds and Norma n Jazz to surface multi cultural traditions

Languorous, relaxing New Orleans Jazz Sunday brunch is a tradition in Mount Lavinia Hotel. The hotel is celebrated and features a Jazz Sunday Brunch often with a jazz combo with Norma n Jazz and Sri Lanka’s best jazz musicians with the spectacular spread of delicacies synonymous to New Orleans. But also on Sunday morning particularly 26th of Dec 2010 as it very popular in New Orleans, African-American churches burst into song with the joyous sounds of gospel, yet another musical genre deeply rooted in the city of New Orleans and now at MLH. Gospel brunches, a relatively new phenomenon, allow a non-religious audience to enjoy a sumptuous meal while appreciating this uplifting, soulful music on the day it was meant to be heard.

Gospel took shape in the early twentieth century from the old spirituals that gave hope and strength to many. In New Orleans gospel, any instrumentation aside from human voices was at first frowned upon as sinful in spite of the fact that the music adopted the upbeat rhythms honed by jazz artists. Choirs were originally quite small, but over the years they grew and the more talented vocalists began to step forward to lead emotional call-and-response numbers.

The Gospel Jazz Sunday Brunch is the perfect way for music fans and curious visitors to enjoy gospel without having to track down neighborhood churches. Indeed MLH could be guised as the house of blues and jazz on 26th Dec from 1130am to 3.30pm and will be the only and indeed popular location that offers delicious Sunday brunch buffet matched with the soaring harmonies of gospel and uplifting live jazz.

Ranked with some of the most renowned choirs in the world, SOUL SOUNDS a much loved all girls who have enthralled many an audience both in Sri Lanka and abroad will team up with VOICE PRINT, a choral musical ensemble or very much known to be an all male acapella choir both choirs bringing Sri Lanka fame by winning the World Choir Games in China in two respective years, will liven the Terrace on 26th Dec 2010.

Sequence of voices:

11.30am to 1215pm- Norma n Jazz

1215pm to 1300hrs – Soul Sounds

1300hrs 1345hrs – Voice Print

135hrs – 1430hrs – Souls Sounds

1430hrs – 1515hrs – Norma n Jazz

Jambalaya, Poached Salmon Fillet, Oysters on ice, creative salads, variety of desserts, Cucumber and Mint Shooters, Cajun Remoulade are just a few to tempt your taste buds. In addition the delicious brunch-time food that brings out the best of Mount Lavinia Hotel’s signature items: fresh air and sunshine at the poolside Governor’s Restaurant; or just splash out on a most indulgent spread to break those Sunday Blues.

Celebrating iconic Christmas traditions with St Lucias’ Day, only at MLH

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

As Mount Lavinia Hotel’s theme for the season was iconic traditions it was no wonder that the celebration of St. Lucia, the patron saint of light, was an important part of their festivities. As Mahika, Manager Corp Comms stated, “While St Lucia’s Day is celebrated in the Scandinavian countries in great procession and indeed marks the beginning of the Christmas season, we at MLH believe traditions as such need to be celebrated and exalted since that is the Spirit of Christmas.”

One of the most popular Christmas traditions in Sweden is the celebration of Saint Lucia’s Day, on December 13th. Although not a legal holiday, Saint Lucia’s Day is a day of great celebrating and merriment.

The Story of Saint Lucia stretches back to the time of the Vikings and the Roman Empire. According to legend, Lucia was a brave young woman from the island of Sicily, in the Mediterranean. When Lucia heard about the persecution of Christians by the Emperor, she gave one Christian family her entire dowry. This so angered her betrothed husband, that he told authorities that Lucia secretly practiced Christianity. Lucia, who died a martyrs death, was much admired for her courage, generosity and faith. And tradition has it that she took food to Christians hiding from persecution in underground tunnels, wearing candles on a wreath around her head to light the way.

Traditionally, on St. Lucia day The Lucia is dressed in white robes and red ribbons and wears a crown of candles on her head, which indeed was performed. Often times the eldest daughter plays Lucia, and greets her family with a breakfast of hot coffee and pastries, known as Lucia Buns or St Lucia buns or Swedish Saffron Buns or Swedish Lussekatt.

St. Lucia is rich with religious history and symbolism, and it is a holiday that has withstood commercialism and stayed firm in its origins in modern times. Mount Lavinia Hotel celebrated this event with the same objective of spreading light and hope throughout the season and the coming year and entwining that iconic traditions of such nature should be made aware to the world over.

The night of the 13th of December at the hotel made way for Santa Lucia with the star boys who brought forth light and hope whilst Sri Lanka’s most renowned choirs: Soul Sounds and Voice Print thrilled the audience which consisted of the business community, media friends, the diplomatic corp and indeed travel trade partners. The saffron bread and Swedish mulled wine or glogg was the essence of the evening along with inhouse guests and valued patrons of the hotel too partaking in the celebration spread magnificently in the Empire Ballroom.

12th Annual Black Tie Dinner was well attended

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

The seven course menu consisted of study of salmon, Veal and Goose, Champagne Sorbet and a delicious Chocolate Tower with Praline Ice cream, are just a few to mention…

Recognizing Team Members at MLH this Christmas season

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

GM and Chairman having happy sentiments of the events that will proceedxx

GM welcoming memers of the team and their families flanked by Chef Publisxx

The mgmt team of MLH ready to welcome the team membersxx

Team member recognition is absolutely essential.  Looking for every opportunity you can to reward and recognize excellent results, “above and beyond” effort and value added is MLH’s belief. Hence to recognize their team 5th Dec 2010 was set for a grand event, when 800 team members and their families gathered for some quality time.

The General Manager, Mr Anura Dewapura’s reign has indeed done justice from image to quality of service and innovativeness in dining, events and products have certainly made MLH the most talked about iconic hotel in town.

He stated the following as the key to the success of the hotel. And indeed was very well executed on the 5th of Dec.

It’s all up to YOU. Financial rewards, our company’s “brand” or the quality of our executive team will not, by themselves, make my team successful.  It is actually up to YOU to make it happen.

Recognition is KEY. Noticing and recognizing the RIGHT behaviors is the key to strengthening team member relationships.  During these tight economic times, we were called upon to do more with less resources.  Keeping and motivating high-performing employees becomes even more critical during these times.  As a leader, it is YOUR JOB to recognize and bond your most valued people to your team and your company. And no doubt my engineering team did wonders by saving millions for the company.

Pick your “rewards” wisely. We do not wait until we offer a raise to recognize great performance; heart-felt and sincerely-delivered “thanks” is its own reward.  When team members feel recognized and involved, they are much less likely to keep asking about money.  Examples of things we include (a) remembering our team members’ birthdays (b) Lavinia Star – recognizing efforts that made an impact on quality of service and product. (c) Team member of the month. (d)  Walk around the departments on a daily basis and looing for opportunities to say thanks and giving verbal recognition of effort.

It’s all in the presentation. Praise and recognition must be specific to have an impact.  And indeed it has paid off in the motivational factor of my team.

Keep your eye on the harvest. Focus recognition on the kinds of behavior that make your team and your company better.  With this type of focus, your team will understand that recognition is not a popularity contest but an important tool to move people toward specific goals, make team members more efficient and make work groups more productive.

Make formal milestones worth remembering. Making the most of my company’s quality of service, tenure of one’s work experience were areas that were highlighted.  Presenting a formal award doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be an opportunity to bond a team member to you and your team and to reinforce our goals and vision.

Keep on growing! Recognition means most to a team member when it’s sincere and spontaneous.  Lavinia Star is a mechanism that brings the best out of recognizing.