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Gospel Jazz Sunday Brunch at MLH: Two iconic traditions merge into one

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Family time at Brunch

Kids in pool

Raw Bar shooters and the delectable spread

Gospel and Jazz by Voice Print, Soul Sounds and Norma n Jazz to surface multi cultural traditions

Languorous, relaxing New Orleans Jazz Sunday brunch is a tradition in Mount Lavinia Hotel. The hotel is celebrated and features a Jazz Sunday Brunch often with a jazz combo with Norma n Jazz and Sri Lanka’s best jazz musicians with the spectacular spread of delicacies synonymous to New Orleans. But also on Sunday morning particularly 26th of Dec 2010 as it very popular in New Orleans, African-American churches burst into song with the joyous sounds of gospel, yet another musical genre deeply rooted in the city of New Orleans and now at MLH. Gospel brunches, a relatively new phenomenon, allow a non-religious audience to enjoy a sumptuous meal while appreciating this uplifting, soulful music on the day it was meant to be heard.

Gospel took shape in the early twentieth century from the old spirituals that gave hope and strength to many. In New Orleans gospel, any instrumentation aside from human voices was at first frowned upon as sinful in spite of the fact that the music adopted the upbeat rhythms honed by jazz artists. Choirs were originally quite small, but over the years they grew and the more talented vocalists began to step forward to lead emotional call-and-response numbers.

The Gospel Jazz Sunday Brunch is the perfect way for music fans and curious visitors to enjoy gospel without having to track down neighborhood churches. Indeed MLH could be guised as the house of blues and jazz on 26th Dec from 1130am to 3.30pm and will be the only and indeed popular location that offers delicious Sunday brunch buffet matched with the soaring harmonies of gospel and uplifting live jazz.

Ranked with some of the most renowned choirs in the world, SOUL SOUNDS a much loved all girls who have enthralled many an audience both in Sri Lanka and abroad will team up with VOICE PRINT, a choral musical ensemble or very much known to be an all male acapella choir both choirs bringing Sri Lanka fame by winning the World Choir Games in China in two respective years, will liven the Terrace on 26th Dec 2010.

Sequence of voices:

11.30am to 1215pm- Norma n Jazz

1215pm to 1300hrs – Soul Sounds

1300hrs 1345hrs – Voice Print

135hrs – 1430hrs – Souls Sounds

1430hrs – 1515hrs – Norma n Jazz

Jambalaya, Poached Salmon Fillet, Oysters on ice, creative salads, variety of desserts, Cucumber and Mint Shooters, Cajun Remoulade are just a few to tempt your taste buds. In addition the delicious brunch-time food that brings out the best of Mount Lavinia Hotel’s signature items: fresh air and sunshine at the poolside Governor’s Restaurant; or just splash out on a most indulgent spread to break those Sunday Blues.