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Discover Baja California and innovative South Beach Cocktails in Jan at MLH

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Watermelon Mojito


Smoked Tacos

With summer all year round, luscious tropical fruits, is center stage when it comes to the creation of cool and innovative cocktails just like in South Beach Florida. Chillies mixed with raspberries as in the Chillie raspberry martini and jalapeno-infused vodka blended with mango vodka and hot peppers. And maybe to cool down, South Floridians savor the watermelon mojito and corporate types love to unwind with the Black martini. Discover the exoticness of a pomegranate and cranberry Bellini, a watermelon margarita and Southern Comfort punch..

Then the ideal food to blend in well with the cocktails is all types of “Fresh Mex”or cuisine of California. This is the greatest set of hot food ever assembled! Each flavor captures the essence of the California Baja region in flavor and heat! Hot Sauces Smoky, thick, Sweet. And a slight hint of chocolate. De Arbol Hot Sauce: Close your eyes and picture the quintessential hole-in-the-wall Baja taco shop with the unique fish tacos. Fiery, authentic taco shop style hot food literally brimming with Hotacado Avocado Hot Sauce, tasty originals combining two staples of Baja – avocados and fresh, sun-ripened jalapenos. Of course, you’ll also taste that signature Scorpion Bay kick!

Although “the Baja”, as it is affectionately known, Virtually ignored in discussions of regional Mexican cooking, Baja nonetheless continues to produce some of the finest and freshest seafood dishes found anywhere, and the creativity which has blossomed in recent years is reflected now at MLH. The highlight of the Baja delicacies is to season the food without masking the pure, natural flavor. Types of fish and shellfish which have, for generations, been cooked over fires in fishermen’s camps on the beach have taken well to the refinements of Baja food.

If you favor the idea of not cooking them at all, as in ceviche, in which the seafood is “cooked” by marinating in lime, will also be on the cards,”states Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager of Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Whether you snag your fish with rod and reel or with a supermarket cart, the following recipes may bring back fond memories for those who have been to the Baja, or whet the appetites of those yet to experience its beauty.

Almejas Brujas: Stuffed Clams

Pescado Siete Mares: Seven Seas Fish

Ceviche: Fish Cocktail

Mariscos Empapelados: Seafood En Papillote

Tacos de Pescado: Fish Tacos

are just a few to savour.