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19th Slow Food Night Dutch Style

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

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Launch of the Dutch Food & Music Festival at MLH

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

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Easter Gospel Jazz Sunday Brunch

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

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Earth Day 2011

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

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Iconic Traditions being relived with Avurudu at MLH

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

A guest partaking in the traditions of Avurudu Chef Publis amongst Mr Dewapura and Mrs Samaraweera partaking in the lighting of the lamp

Chef Publis having a chat with a few lasses GM welcoming guests to be part of these iconic traditions being relived by MLH

Guests being part of the events Guests enjoying the raban session

Guests enjoying the traditions Guests to the hotel enjoying the traditions

Kirthi too amongst the many that dawned the new year with MLH Mahika explaining the auspicious times and the significant events that occur for the times

More games being played Mr and Mrs Dewapura and Mr and Mrs Samaraweera lighting the lamp on the dawning of the new year at 1.01pm

Mr and Mrs Dewapura lighting the hearth to boil the milk with the hope of prosperity and happiness throughout the year Mr Samaraweera a great patron of MLH enjoying the traditions

Mrs Marso amongst the festivities Other guests too

Preethi enjoying the Onchillawa Raban players

The Kopi Kade and the Onchili waram that are synonymous to Avurudu the little guests enjoying the Pancha Keliya

The sweet treat table with avurudu treats Traditional Games being played at the Terrace

Zanita and GM with Preethi enjoing some treats

The true meaning of Aluth Avurudu on 10th and 14th of April with Chef Publis at MLH:Lavinia Avurudu Asiriya 2011

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

“This is a celebration – one of a kind held in great reverence in Sri Lanka alone.” Sinhala and Tamil New Year is an annual event that stimulates society, enlivens the nation and fosters national consciousness in Sri Lanka. The festival is celebrated mainly by the Buddhists and the Hindus. Now Christians too participate in New Year celebrations as this highlights the authentic customs that are synonymous to the event rather than the religious attributes and thus it has become almost a nation-wide festival.

      “There is no way that the Aluth Avurudu ought to be treated casually.” The traditional customs will take place on 14th April which Chef Publis will conduct starting from 12noon. Hence herald in Avurudu at one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most important surviving colonial buildings in Sri Lanka. A substantial history covering 200 years and holding a very important place in the historical records and heritage of Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia Hotel would like to welcome you to revel in age old traditions at the hotel this avurudu season.

   Intricate preparations with the preparation of very traditional Avurudu treats as kavun, kokis, mun kerali and the kiribath or milk rice signifies the very essence of Avurudu in terms of food which will be one of the many events that will be highlighted on this day. “And why not pay some attention to the multitude of sweet aromas that will flow from the hotel’s kitchen when Chef Publis will cook up some authentic Sinhala Avurudu dishes with the traditional customs that will be observed throughout the hotel,” states Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager of the hotel.

   Our Avurudu starts from 10th April with the whole family partaking in traditional games like the following will take place on the beach:

Kotta Pora
Kana Mutti
Blind feeding the blind
Sack races
Slow bike races (bring your own bike)
Gama haraha diveema
Avurudu Kamaraya & Kumari
Obstacle races
Bun eating comp
and other traditional activities

   “We will set up a “Kopi Kade” and the traditional swings, etc and create a true, country atmosphere as how it is done in the villages.”  Raban players will be present a few traditional dance items. Traditional sweet-meats will be prepared on site, and placed on a traditional “kevili mesaya“. There will be other traditional beverages like Yaara tea, Beli Mal, Ranawara, Saruwath, etc.
that depicts  Avurusu in all its glory will be yours to experience on this day. Do not forget Chef Publis will be conducting a cookery demonstration for adults.

    Throughout the day many colourful, agile and rhythmic dance movements and drumming will keep your toes a tapping. Traditional games and customs will be observed and indeed Sri Lanka’s quintessential festive foods will be available in all its authenticity at the hotel.

 Call 2711 430 for further details.

 GM and Chef Publis at last year's celebrations

GM doing a Ganu Dhenu which is a tradition with a guest last year


GM explaining to the guests on the customs and traditions that are soon to follow     Guests partaking in Raban playing

Last years guests at the true Avurudu event   Raban players

 Traditional games being played by young lasses