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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Mount Lavnia Hotel organized a line up of events to celebrate World Tourism Day which is being commemorated across the globe on 27th September each year. World Tourism Day 2011 was celebrated in a unique way under the theme of ‘Tourism–Linking Cultures’.

This year, the main focus of Sri Lanka’s World Tourism Day celebrations will be on, empowering youth to look at the tourism industry as a career development drive to enhance the country’s economic growth.

MLH invited 150 students from neighbouring schools in the region – Buddhist Ladies College, Girls High School, Lalith Athulathmudalali Vidyalaya and St Thomas’s College and gave them an opportunity to take part in this event at the hotel to make them aware of the openings that we can offer in the hospitality trade.  The students were addressed by Mr Anura Dewapura General Manager Mount Lavinia Hotel. During his speech he emphasised the importance and the need to encourage school children to join the tourism/hospitality industry.

The programme was specially focused on the youth taking into account the tourism potential in the country in the coming years. Several programs, including career guidance workshops, focused on the youth considering the tourism potential in the country are to be held as a part of this programme.

At the main function which is being held at Beira Lake, Chef Publis De Silva, the Mount Lavinia Hotel’s Director of Culinary Affairs and long-serving chef, said the tribal community had many uncommon recipes which he had studied. “I will prepare and offer food made from 20 Veddah recipes during the World Tourism Day celebrations on W.orld Tourism Day.

Animal and People Alliance Event.

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Beira lake

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A Toast to “World Tourism Day” Refreshing Organic Green Cocktails at MLH

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Green – it’s the color that reminds us to conserve and protect our precious natural resources. As such, it’s also the most popular color for cocktails. Another green initiative by MLH, when we introduce Green Cocktails to celebrate “World Tourism Day” on 27th September 2011.

MLH green team has compiled a collection of exotic, earth friendly organic cocktails made with eco friendly spirits. The following cocktails are made, using all Sri Lankan ingredients to cut down CO2 foot print.

Gini Sisila (Cooling Fire)

Sri Lankan White Rum

Cucumber Juice

Narran Cubes

Mint Leaves

Sugar Syrup

Saudiya (Cheers)

Sri Lankan Brandy

Fresh Ginger Juice

Sri Lankan Sour Orange

Lemon Grass Juice

Green Chili

Brown Sugar

Madu With a Te (Alcoholic Tea)

Sri Lankan Vodka

Green Tea Powder

Mint Leaves

Fresh Lime Juice

Sugar Syrup


Karapincha Sura (Curry Leave Cocktail)

Sri Lankan Arrack

Narran Juice

Curry leaves juice

Sugar Syrup

Rasa Mandira (Tasty Cocktail)

Sri Lankan Arrack

Local Mandarin Juice

Passion Juice

Lime Juice

King Coconut Water

Amarasa (Divine Taste)

Sri Lankan Arrack

Sri Lankan Red Rum

Sri Lankan Brandy

Sri Lankan Gin

Sri Lankan Vodka

Pineapple Juice

Passion Juice

Lime Juice

As the planet’s renewable resources are dwindling and the Ozone is depleting, more and more people are paying attention to Mother Earth. In this “recession” era, people are going “green” because they have to. Recycling clothes, reusing materials, and reducing packaging are all things that are slowly spreading through our society. We at MLH have  showed our appreciation for our planet and remind ourselves constantly of the steps we can take to preserve our environment. Averts Mr Anura Dewapura – General Manager Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Mount Lavinia Hotel has taken some big steps into becoming a green business and continuously supports initiatives that focus on environmentally sustainable development strategies. Some of the initiatives taken are participating in the earth hour where one hour was dedicated to a climate change initiative, biocides being used across the hotel instead of pesticides, eco gastronomy efforts, green procurement mechanisms in stationery, energy saving projects, water consumption control efforts and many community development initiatives to sustain the communities and environment around us”

All these cocktails are easy to make, its tasty and GREEN !  “Cocktails” – it’s an ideal drink when you’re at home and feel like enliven your day.

Cheers to you, and mama earth for a happy and healthy life !

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World Tourism Day Celebration at MLH

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

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Kids Kite Festival at MLH

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

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Slow Food America with Chef Indika at MLH

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

America’s best flavours will come together when we unveil our famous “Slow Food America” with our very own Chef Indika, specialist in North American cuisine, Nuevo Latino and heads the Slow Food Movement at MLH. Mount Lavinia Hotel constantly surprises the audience with unique food concepts and events. Hence, 24th September will be dedicated to All American Slow food lovers.

American Slow Food Night will surface a spread that is synonymous to a typical American “Backyard BBQ” and “Get-together”. Chef Indika will reproduce traditional and contemporary American cuisine using local organic ingredients. He said
“American Food represents melting pot of culture which is represented by the food consumed in the US. The menu will consist of cuisine from various nationalities and regions that have shaped the American palette. I want our guests to experience freshness in what they eat”. The menu will consist dishes from Tennessee, Texas and Louisiana to name a few. Chicken lollypops with ranch dip, Chilled prawns with horseradish cocktail sauce, Chili lime rubbed beer chicken, blackened snapper with creole, Memphis style pulled pork, fresh grilled corn on the cob, Texas style pork and beans are just a few to tempt your taste buds.

“Slow Food Nights at MLH have become a signature event and people do look forward to the event as it shows our commitment of giving back to the community by working with the farmers direct”. The menu will feature locally sourced ingredients from various organic suppliers to highlight the best that Sri Lanka has to offer. The response we have received on Slow Food nights, encourage us more to conduct similar events in the future” states GM, Mount Lavinia Hotel Mr Anura Dewapura.

The Slow Food America will only be on 24th of September from 7.30pm onwards at the Tropical Hut. The cost per person would be LKR2900. Diners will experience traditional ingredients with an American twist, bringing out new flavours, textural elements. Allow chef Indika to take you through route 66 !

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Launching Ceremony of Chef Dr Pubilis Silvas’s Books & Website

Friday, September 16th, 2011

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Mount Lavinia Hotel takes a momentous step towards social sustainability in partnership with AOD’s ‘Design for Sustainable Development’ project.

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

–         Mount Lavinia purchases custome designed hotel range produced by the North- Palmyrah artisans working in Palmyrah Development Borad Cnetres in Jaffna and Mannar.

The historic Mount Lavinia Hotel, known for its pioneering initiatives in eco-tourism and farm-to-table cuisine that promotes local agriculture, has become a part of yet another project that supports social sustainability. This project, ‘Design for sustainable Development’ (DFSD) which provides stable livelihoods for artisans in rural and war-affected areas in Sri Lanka, was initiated by the Academy of Design (AOD) under the invitation of the reawakening project of the Ministry of Economic Development. DFSD is currently executed under the Palmyrah Development Board (PDB) undet the Minitsry of Traditional Industries. The project helps artisans and communities engaged in craft through design, product development while connecting high-end clienteles such as the Mount Lavinia Hotel with the artisans through large quantity production orders.

Artisans from Jaffna Pungudutivu Island and Mannar visited Mount Lavinia Hotel early this week, to present the completed order of Palmyrah products to the hotel. Mr. Anura Dewapura, the General Manager of Mount Lavinia Hotel accepted the products from the artisans. “Mount Lavinia has always been a firm supporter of ecological and social sustainability and has made it an integral part of our corporate value system.  We were delighted to place an order for the products made by these artisans, not only because it helps to establish better livelihoods for them, but also because their new products are spoecificially designed for our purspose and co ordinate by the project set up by AOD which makes the entire project feasible. I’m honoured to accept this delivery of the products from the artisans themselves,” said Mr. Dewapura.

Senior Advisor to the Minister of Traditional Industries Mrs. Jegarajasingham and Personal Assistant to the Minister of Traditional Industries Mr. K. Dayananda, also attended the event representing Honourable Minster of Traditional Industries. Representatives of the Sri Lanka Palmyrah Board were present for the event too.

Linda Spledewinde, Managing Director of AOD expressed her thanks to Mount Lavinia Hotel for pioneering in social sustainable hospitality; “This marks the beginning of the involvement of Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry with the national development agenda in a completely new way. We’re confident that other leaders in the hospitality industry will join hands with us too

“Our Income has increased over five fold because of these orders – AOD has worked with us very closely and treat us very sincerely. From earning RS 8 and hour we now earn Rs 50 and hour. This order from Mount Lavinia Hotel has helped us to have hope for the future” Artisans – Jaffna Pungudutivu Island Palmyrah Weaving Centre.

“We were only earning around Rs. 2000 per month, but now because of these orders we earn Rs. 8000 per month” – Artisans, Narivilikulam Centre, Mannar

We had no steady income before this project. Now we have a new livelihood that was created for us with a new centre being developed for Plamyrah Weaving.” Artisans, Mananr, Pavilanpattu

For more information about this project – Design for Sustainable Development conceptualized and developed by the  Academy of Design (AOD), log on to or reach us at29, Lauries Road, Colombo 04 | (+94) 115 867 772/3, (+94) 115 742 480/90



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“Feel Like Coming Back Home” A warm welcome from MLH to Former President – Republic of Singapore

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

It was indeed and honour to welcome, Mr S R Nathan former President – Republic of Singapore and Madam Urmila Nauday to Mount Lavinia Hotel on 9th September. Mr Nathan and madam president are no strangers to the hotel. Mr Nathan’s visit, is after 30 long years and was enthralled to see the hotel when he arrived. Madam Urmila came in 1952, she said she felt like coming home.

During the brief stay at the hotel Mr Nathan was fascinated by the history and the legacy of the Sri Lanka’s colonial heritage hotel.  Even though the hotel is a 200 year property, it was a proud moment, when Mr Nathan referred MLH as Raffles Singapore.

On their departure, they reassured to visit their “home away from home” before long.

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Chilean Winemakers Dinner at MLH

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

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Chilean Winemakers Dinner with Brett Jackson At Mount Lavinia Hotel

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Known as a country with climatic conditions perfect for growing grapes, Chile is able to grow a whole host of varieties across its many varied regions. From the Maipo Valley, known for its cool maritime climate and well balanced reds. And the Maule Valley, one of Chile’s oldest and largest regions, ideal for producing the classic Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. To the southern Bio Bio region, with its high levels of rainfall, strong winds and cool nights, producing some of the new world’s finest Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Chile is a country of contrasts.

Valdivieso is one of the longest established names in Chilean winemaking, with the first release of Valdivieso wines being in 1887. These were sparkling wines, made by the founder of the business, Alberto Valdivieso. Alberto was influenced by the time he spent in Paris as a youth, when he favoured champagne from Veuve-Clicquot. For decades sparkling wine remained the mainstay of the business, but during the 20th century Alberto also began to produce still wines. In 1949 the business was bought up by the Mitjans group, which produces a vast array of wines and spirits for consumption mainly on the domestic market. Valdivieso Wines have become well-known and greatly awarded all over the world in different international competitions. These wines have had outstanding presentations both in France and England among other countries. Therefore, it is not by chance that Viña Valdivieso has become in the last years one of the top and most consistent Chilean wineries.

Brett Jackson, a native of New Zealand, began his winemaking career in 1990 at Stonyridge Vineyard in Waiheke, New Zealand. His early success gave him the opportunity to continue his skills at Flora Springs Winery in Napa Valley, California. In 1993, Brett wanted to broaden his international experience and provided his services at Thelema Mountian Vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Later, he obtained valuable French winemaking ideas by working with Jacques and Francois Lurton in Narbonne, France.

The Chilean Wine Maker’s night at MLH will take place on 3rd September at the Maitland State Room. A fine selection of Chilean wines such as Valdivieso Single Vineyard Merlot, Valdivieso Sauvignon, Valdivieso Reserva Chardonnay, Valdivieso Caballo Loco will be served during the event. These choice of wines will be complemented with a five course dinner priced at Rs 5500/-. Guests will have the opportunity to sample the menu items appropriately paired with selected wines, showcasing the diverse range and compatibility of Chilean wine. Seared Tuna “Ceviche”, Avocado & Crab Dome, Ossetra Caviar, Ajo-Saffron Aioli, Mussel-White Wine Broth with Pimento & Seabass, Assorted Meats and Sausages with Tomatican, Potato Terrine & Sauce Chancho en Piedra are some of the items on the menu.

Brett Jackson, who has been seduced, captivated ad convinced over the immense potential Chile has to offer, stated ; “As a Winemaker I really cannot see myself being anywhere else. Even after 17 years it still continually manages to amaze me, with the quality and quantity of authentic Valdivieso’s winemaker stopping by at MLH on 3rd of September for the Winemakers’ Night, your evening could be exalted further on his thoughts on how the vintage went down in Chile.

Premium wines from Valdivieso distributed by Favourite International will be the highlight at Chilean Winemakers’ Night….

Chilean Winemakers Dinner 20x15-01