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A Singing Christmas Tree dawns the season at MLH

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

As MLH is preparing for the season, one of the many initiatives that make them standout from the rest, mainly focuses on the unique traditions that they exalt each year that are celebrated across the world and indeed make the Christmas season so special.

One such celebration is the ever famous Singing Christmas Tree. The Trees have become the most loved and spectacular tradition in launching the season in many countries. Featuring a huge choir and indeed a beautiful display of many lights and the voices of children and young adults will be the sound that ignites the evening. The Singing Christmas is usually an exciting presentation of Christmas classics and the pageantry of a 40-foot-tall Christmas tree is the essence of the programme.

Here at MLH dawning the season on 10th December 2013, the first ever Singing Christmas Tree with the voices of children will dawn the season. This will be a debut event and a memorable one for Sri Lanka.

The programme will start from 7pm onwards each day at the hotel courtyard and the choirs that will be highlighted are:

  • 10th Dec St Sebastian College (Moratuwa)
  • 11th Dec Lyceum International School
  • 12th Dec Combined Choirs
  • 13th Dec St Benedicts College (Colombo 13)
  • 14th Dec Methodist Church (Moratuwa)
  • 15th Dec Elizabeth Moir School
  • 20th Dec Good Shepherd Convent (Colombo 13)
  • 21st Dec Vocal Mystique (SJC Colombo 10)
  • 22nd Dec Combined Universities
  • 23rd Dec St Joseph College (Colombo 10)