Young Swiss Chefs to enhance the Swiss Food Festival

Swiss people love good food, music and wine. Savoring the world famous Swiss cheeses is considered an everlasting memory. The Embassy of Switzerland in collaboration with the Mount Lavinia Hotel is now promoting “A Taste of Switzerland”. Seven days of distinctive, regionally influenced cuisine from the diverse areas of German, French, Romantsch and Italian speaking Switzerland. This experience includes some culinary icons that have crossed the linguistic borders and have become Swiss national dishes loved by all Swiss alike. Cheese Fondue, Raclette and Roesti, accompanied by Switzerland’s popular and fragrant white, rosé and red wines are enjoyed throughout the country with minor alterations in preparation according to the region it is savored in. Be sure to have your taste buds tingling. This gastronomic experience, unique in Sri Lanka, is held from July 29 to August 4 at the Maitland State Room of the Mount Lavinia Hotel. Whether you prefer to experience the full range of diverse Swiss food – priced at LKR3000/-nett (buffet, dinner only) – or wish to enjoy the unique Swiss fondue on its own – priced at  LKR2500/-nett for a large pot (a la carte, dinner only) – it is all there for you to decide how to best enjoy this rare opportunity.

The young and dynamic chef team in charge has vast experience in preparing dishes from all regions of Switzerland.  The chefs Simon Meier, Alexander Buechi and Marco Amatore, who are natives of Switzerland, will bring out the best of authentic Swiss cuisine in Sri Lanka. Simon who hails from the Meilen district’s unique “Hotel Hirschen am See” will present traditional Swiss German and Romantsch dishes, well known in the eastern region of the country. Whilst Alexander who is at present chef at the extraordinarily designed Culture and Convention Center at the restaurant “Gersag” will introduce you to many different dishes synonymous to the Swiss German region of Switzerland. Marco, currently working as the executive chef of the well known “Candrian Catering” completes the extensive knowledge of the team through his well founded experience in cuisine from French and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland.

To further enhance the enjoyment of the Swiss culinary specialties on offer, traditional folkloric musicians, also especially flown in from Switzerland for the occasion, will be entertaining our guests. The distinct “Swiss Örgeli” and “Swiss Alphorn” will be amongst the instruments these Swiss native musicians will bring to contribute to the distinctiveness and the authenticity of this event, making a night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel a truly genuine Swiss experience.

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