Nostalgic reminiscence surface at the Mount Lavinia Hotel

I am sure that you would have visited the famed MLH and wondered what makes them a 206 year old property and what it would be like to see of how the British built this white mansion. Well the many reconstruction areas that are occurring at present at MLH indeed has done justice to the sweat and toil shed for the building of the property. Well it certainly isn’t that the hotel is trying to locate materials of yesteryear, but indeed all this construction has surfaced historical evidence of the grand old dame. The bricks or mortar that was used to build the edifice and fissures expected of ordinary limestone formations, became very significant when the construction of the service elevator shaft of the Governor’s Restaurant began. Also as one of the Engineers stated Mount Lavinia or the Governor’s palace was built on a rocky promontory and parts of the rock were found which was indeed a wonderful uncovering.

No place has been significant than the MLH as it has been more associated with mystery, love, romance and the marvel of colonialism and is seemingly resting on the rocky promontory a stroll from the Indian Ocean. Recognized today as the iconic heritage hotel, the Mount Lavinia Hotel boasts of the beauty that surrounds and the love and romance that is rainbowed over the property. Applying these building material sleuthing to this magnificent mansion built in 1805, these quarry helped confirm what others had speculated—that it was built on a rock and the sweat and toil of the British reign.

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