A Singing Christmas Tree highlights the season in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka prepared for the season, one initiative that stood out across the island was this unique concept that exalted voices of children and truly brought in the true spirit of Christmas and was celebrated in grand and yet a classic way with media friends, business affiliates and their inhouse guests was at MLH

The unique Singing Christmas Tree with the Sebastian’s College Choir dawning the season at MLH was a fascinating sight. The Tree the world over has become the most loved and spectacular tradition in launching the season in many countries. Featuring a huge choir and indeed a beautiful display of many lights and the sound that ignited was a just incredible.

For all who missed the first night that had an added brilliant sight was the fireworks display and not forgetting the food that is synonymous to the season was also a welcoming gesture.

The programme will start from 7pm onwards each day at the hotel courtyard and the choirs that will be highlighted are:

  • 10th Dec St Sebastian College (Moratuwa)
  • 11th Dec Lyceum International School
  • 12th Dec Combined Choirs
  • 13th Dec St Benedicts College (Colombo 13)
  • 14th Dec Methodist Church (Moratuwa)
  • 15th Dec Elizabeth Moir School
  • 20th Dec Good Shepherd Convent (Colombo 13)
  • 21st Dec Vocal Mystique
  • 22nd Dec Combined Universities
  • 23rd Dec St Joseph College (Colombo 10)

For more information please call 2711 420

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