Celebrating 60 years with MLH!

Mr. Samson Weragoda joined Mount Lavinia Hotel in 28th April 1954 to the Engineering Department to repair the elevators. It was his first job and he has worked in every unit in the Engineering Department so far. He knows the layout of the hotel better than the blueprints and he is also a part of the hotel history.

Mr. Weragoda helped majorly in building the beautiful fountain that we see in the front today and also, the small bridge after the security barrier at the hotel which was originally very narrow, was made wider by Mr. Weragoda.

Mr. Weragoda is a very innovative person. He used to steal cake trays and keep them in the places that were leaking, mend antennas by meddling with them and so much more.

We wish Mr. Weragoda all the very best and hope he will render his services to us in the coming years as he is a very valuable part in our hotel.

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