Swiss Chef to enhance the Upcoming Swiss Food Festival at MLH

Swiss people love good food, music and wine. Savoring the world famous Swiss cheeses is considered an everlasting memory. The Mount Lavinia Hotel is promoting “A Taste of Switzerland” for the second consecutive year, backed by their main sponsor Baurs. Where a Seven day long spread of distinctive, regionally influenced cuisine from the diverse areas of German, French, Romantsch and Italian speaking Switzerland will be on offer. Cheese Fondue, Raclette, Cervelat Sausages, Air dried Grison Beef, Smoked Grison Ham and many more specials, accompanied by Switzerland’s popular and fragrant white, rosé and red wines. This gastronomic experience, unique in Sri Lanka, is held from July 30th to August 5th at the Maitland State Room of the Mount Lavinia Hotel priced at LKR3200/- +++

Chef Marco Amatore, who is a native of Switzerland, will bring out the best of authentic Swiss cuisine in Sri Lanka.

Please call 2711 711, extension 446/430 to make your reservation today.

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