Mount Lavinia Hotel charms Asia at the Asian Culinary Culture Festival

MLH team led by renowned Master Chef Dr. Publis Silva represents Sri Lanka

A 5 member team from Mount Lavinia Hotel led by Chef Dr. Publis Silva represented Sri Lanka at the Asian Culinary Culture Festival held in Incheon, South Korea which coincided with the 2014 Asian Games. Spanning over 16 days, the festival saw Master Chefs from 10 Asian Countries including Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Vietnam producing the best cuisines unique to their countries to captivate the taste buds of the thousands who gathered for the Asian Games.

“We are proud to have been the chosen delegates to take authentic Sri Lankan cuisine to the rest of Asia. The Asian Games was an enormous platform which brought together the whole of Asia. The popularity of Asian food, be it Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian or Sri Lankan is rising around the world and the Asian Culinary Culture Festival was a celebration of this achievement”, stated Bazeer Cassim, Group General Manager of Mount Lavinia Hotel. He further added, “We are once again honoured to have the culinary guru of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine – Dr. Publis Silva to lead the team as he received much recognition and applaud”.

The Asian Culinary Culture Festival was introduced with the aim of adding flavour to sports events and was held in the vicinity of the stadium where the main Asian Games were held. The profits from this festival will be utilised to help children in under-developed Asian Countries.

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