Crack-a-crab at the Cove!

Tie up that apron! Grab your claw crackers and crab mallets! Crack-a-crab is back at the Cove! One of the longest running and much looked forward to crab fiesta is back at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. The infamous Crack-a-crab, the all-you-can-eat crab promotion will continue at the Seafood Cove from 23rd April to 1st May, inviting all crab lovers to indulge in a wave of gastronomical crab delight.

The culinary experts at the Seafood Cove led by Chef Asanka Karunaratne have fashioned a cracking menu, expected to delight the craving taste buds of the patrons. The mean and lean Steamed Crab is custom made for those who watch their waistlines. “Give in to your crab desire without feeling guilty”, explains Chef Asanka. The menu also covers the Mediterranean coast with the Mediterranean Crab prepared with Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Saffron with White Wine and complete with Freshly Chopped Tarragon. Venture to the East with Singaporean Black Pepper Crab and Crab Rendang, made in the true Indonesian style. The Sizzling Crab cooked with hot chilli and garlic is for those who like it spicy. Topping up the list is the famous Jaffna Curry Crab without which no crab fiesta is complete. Add in the Spicy Lunu Miris, Hot Hot Pol Roti and the Healthy Karapincha Kokis for an authentic Sri Lankan flavour, and your crab fantasy is complete.

Try your luck at the Wagon Wheel set up at the venue and stand a chance to win prizes iconic to the Seafood Cove, which is one of the very few Seafood Restaurants that promises and delivers the best fresh catch straight from the sea. Set up in the Paradise Beach of Mount Lavinia Hotel, the rustic setting of the Seafood Cove complete with cadjan roof and wooden tables and chairs and the lamp lit atmosphere adds a serendipitous charm to this signature restaurant. Bury your feet in the soft sand as you listen to the Live Calypso music together with the sedative sea breeze from the Indian Ocean which will promise a memorable experience.

For more information call 0112 711 711 Ext. 430/466

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