Taste the most delectable seafood made specially for you at the Seafood Cove

Mount Lavinia Hotel’s Seafood Cove has been a favourite among Colombo’s seafood lovers for decades. Transforming the freshest catch of the day into the most appetizing seafood dishes, the Cove caters to a large clientele of which many are regular patrons who keep coming back for the tantalising food, the star-class service and a serene atmosphere, ideal for relaxing one’s mind at the end of a long day.

The Seafood Cove is most alive after sunset and right through dinner. The market concept has always been a favourite among local and foreign patrons of the restaurant. Fresh catch from the sea is directly brought and displayed on a boat. The choice is as large as the sea including fresh lobster, prawns, crabs, mullet, sprats, seer fish, cuttle fish, modha and tuna to name a few, as well as Seafood Cove’s own specialties like the Scrumptious blue lagoon Crab Cakes, the ‘Raging Crab’ and the Lavinia Dressed Crab by Chef Publis.

The ‘market concept’ allows the guest to choose the fish as well as the quantity as the prices are marked according to the weight ordered. Once chosen, the seafood dish is prepared as requested. Be it fried, cooked or grilled; the expert chefs at the Seafood Cove will produce the most delicious seafood platter that will tingle your taste buds.

Set up on the Paradise beach of Mount Lavinia Hotel, in a rustic setting complete with cadjan roof and wooden tables and chairs, the lamp lit atmosphere adds a serendipitous charm to this signature restaurant. As the sun sets on the horizon, you can bury your feet in the soft sand and enjoy the slow lapping of the waves and the hush of the wind under the stars accompanied by soft calypso music. The Seafood Cove is one of the very few Seafood restaurants on the beach that creates a soft harmony of ocean magic and sizzling seafood.

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