Great American Chocolate Kids Party @ MLH

Do you love chocolates ? Do you love doodling ? Why not combine the two with us on 31st July at the Beach hut, when we unveil the “Great American Chocolate Kids Party”. What kid doesn’t love chocolate ? No matter what your age everyone loves chocolate. It has been an all time favourite not just by the kids, kids at heart and adults.
The Kids’ chocolate party will provide maximum fun, whilst letting creative imaginations run wild. Once the kids have donned their aprons, washed their hands it would be time to get stuck into create their own chocolate sensation. The party will last for three hours, with the majority of the time spent making a wide range of sweet things. Kids will get a chance can get in touch with their inner sweetness. The kids will work in small groups under the guidance of the chocolatiers who will introduce a variety of techniques, enabling the youngsters to create a wide range of treats varying from simple florentines to a multi-stage decorated eggs or moulded chocolate lollipops.
Towards the end of the session kids can enjoy milkshakes, cakes and each child will take home a chocolate bowl full of goodies. If all this talk of chocolate is starting to whet your appetite, get ready to spend a fun afternoon !
A “choctastic, sticky and thoroughly messy, but a totally inspired choice, as its not all you mothers who would be cleaning up ! So mums out there, bring your kids along to “The Great American Chocolate Kids party” which will take place on 31st July from 3.30-6.30pm, for a fun and interactive Sunday afternoon.
Kids under 8 years and above Rs 1000/- nett and Kids between 2-7 Rs 750/- nett.

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