Italian cuisine specialists from MLH to highlight World Spice Food Festival 2010 15th to 18th July – Street Feast on Green Path 19th to 25th July – Governor’s Restaurant

Sous chef Italian Mediterranean specialist Ayyoub Salameh who will highlight Italian cuisine at its best at the Street Fest and the celebrations for the World Spice Food Festival at the Governor’s Restaurant.

Our enthusiastic and experienced chefs have captured the essence of the Mediterranean, not only in recipes that incorporate the basics of a particular style or technique, but also in the sophisticated Italian recipes developed on these basics. The likes of Calzones, to piccatas and fresh pastas are on the cards. Their maybe plenty of surprises that your tastes buds will indeed be satisfied.

Our inhouse Nuevo addition Chef Indika will join in the celebrations to surface an Italian Fest never ventured before at the Governor’s Restaurant.

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