MLH launches innovative signature dining experiences Chef Mats, Chef Pubilis and Chef Indika take MLH to a unique realm…….

The sunset, unusually extensive beach frontage and the Colombo skyline are a photographer’s  delight at the Mount Lavinia Hotel and adjudged as “One of the Worlds’ Best Gathering Places” by Newsweek and to top it all off connoisseurs of gracious living come for the heart-stoppingly beautiful panorama of the Indian Ocean. But equally potent is the exquisite service and tantalizing delicacies all cooked up by world class chefs that make your visit to the hotel nothing short of picture perfect.

To be in par with this picturesque experience, The Mount Lavinia Hotel has launched  new dinner-time experiences aimed specifically at travellers and visitors looking for conversation, company and a unique experience over dinner.

These most innovative, yet simple concepts to be introduced into the dining scene, adding another two unique experiences for our valuable guests.” said Anura Dewapura, General Manager Mount Lavinia Hotel

Mount Lavinia is one of the oldest and most important surviving colonial buildings in Sri Lanka; it is one of the few remaining buildings that bear a testimony to the legacy left by the British during their period of rule. However, a fantastic holiday destination for those wishing to soak up the sun, enjoy the warm waters and feast on fresh tropical flavours. The hotel boasts of an exceptional seafood restaurant and a culinary cruise at the Governor’s restaurant serving more formal fare but for those wishing to try something a little bit different, there are some great unique experiences to be enjoyed.

When asked the reason for the innovative dining experience, “As a business traveller, you may well travel three out of four weeks in a month, leaving loved ones, spouse and family behind at home. While away, your schedule of meetings is exhausting and most nights you go back to the hotel to dine in the privacy of your suite or brave a restaurant alone. Dining by oneself isn’t always as exciting as it is with others, and the alternative of in room dining, while once in a while is fun, each and every night, lacks a certain appeal. ”states Mr Anura Dewapura, Mount Lavinia Hotel

Winemakers nights with Chef Mats

The Wine and Dine pairing nights with Chef Mats will be another signature event that will occur monthly where winemakers will showcase their Wines and Chef Mats will match and pair with delectable food dishes with the winemaker to enhance the dining experience. September hailed in the first night when Sandalford: a boutique winery with Vineyards in the Swan Valley and the World famous Margaret River wine region in Western Australia marked the debut Winemakers Night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Sandalford routinely wins awards at wine shows and competitions and a highly regarded restaurant on the Vineyard which has won its own numerous awards and accolades – hence this initiative fit in very well with the direction that MLH has taken.

Mr Anura Dewapura states “It is merely putting diners in touch with other people, for some light hearted conversation. Some people would see it as a more relaxed form of networking accompanied by the chef and wine connoisseur to add some insights into the dining experience.”

Slow Food nights with Chef Indika

The night very appropriately known as farm to table brings out Mount Lavinia Hotel’s commitment for an eco gastronomic experience. The Slow Food concept offers the freshest dishes prepared from local ingredients found within the destination and Chef Indika will indeed ask the question how good genuine global cuisine could be, especially when it’s locally sourced, creatively presented, and enjoyed in a casual ambiance. September hailed in Slow Food Danish style whilst Oct will open the evening to a Greek spread and in November we have French Food taking centre stage.

The General Manager, Mr Anura Dewapura states, “This cooking initiative is exciting and the fact that we’re leaving a smaller environmental footprint while working closely with our own local growers endorses our commitment to the planet.” And he continues to state, “Above all, we’re focused on preparing a delicious meal for you to enjoy while at Mount Lavinia Hotel.”

WE Dining with Chef Pubilis

Culture and vibe of dazzling Sri Lanka is exalted in this “WE Dining” night. Diners will learn about and experience first hand the uniqueness of Sri Lankan cuisine by a culinary legend.

The menu is inspired by the local ingredients of Sri Lanka and served degustation style complimented by the intrinsic values of the range of Sri Lankan food that will be in offer.

“During dinner, allow Chef Pubilis to take you on a culinary journey and the medicinal and indeed ayurvedic value of the meal you are about to consume.“ states Mr Anura Dewapura.

Guests at the Mount Lavinia Hotel are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining, and the “WE-DINING” dinners are no exception. Each month the three dining experiences will be surfaced by our global chefs.

“I think the fact that the dining experience is accompanied by someone who is a food connoisseur is appealing. This is not a structured gathering it’s designed to be fun and allow social, business and dining interactions with people. To understand the driving force behind this idea I simply ask the question: How many times have you dined and just have gone back home with a memorable experience? I think it will be especially popular with people who wanting a lasting experience that what they paid for was indeed worth it. ” states Mr Anura Dewapura.

All three evenings will delight any diner on approach as the nights will be set in a unique venue for the evening. The scent of the warm Indian ocean, soft sand underfoot mingles or maybe a venue meticulously decorated to the period of its original occupants or a venue that one could visualise and share the aesthetic beauty of the Mount Lavinia Mansion entwined with the smell of the forthcoming culinary delights signaling the start to a very memorable night.

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