Publis – He is more than a Chef: Tourism Legends of 2009 Presidential Awards for Travel and Tourism 2009

Chef Pubilis with awardxxxxChef Publis receiving award from Deputy Minister Economic Development

Presidential Awards for Travel and Tourism 2009 driven by the Ministry of Economic Development in partnership with Sri Lanka Tourism recognized and rewarded excellence among industry stakeholders on 15th June 2010.

Among the award recipients Chef Pubilis succeeded in attaining a Tourism Legend award for 2009.

Today Pubilis has become a household name. He is as big as Mount Lavinia Hotel. Ape Kema on Sunday nights at the Governor’s Restaurant is all about his cooking. His service for the Hotel as well as for the entire hotel industry spans an amazing period of FIVE long decades. During the last 50 years the Hotel has given him the opportunity to grow and he has embraced all prospects that were afforded to him very well. Chef Pubilis has worked tirelessly to bring back the lost art of Sri Lankan cooking particularly among the busy upwardly mobile urban households. They flock to the Mount Lavinia Hotel when Pubilis is behind a Sri Lankan Food Festival. He knows extremely well to please the Sri Lankan taste buds and palette as well as those who are strangers to our food. He has been instrumental in and contributed much for publications on Sri Lankan food and recipes. The media often invite him to make presentations and talks on Sri Lankan Food as he has become an unchallenged authority in this area. There is little doubt as to whether there is any one else in the history of our country who has taken the intrinsic values of Sri Lankan food and promoted it across borders like Pubilis.

Publis has not allowed anything in the world to deter him from serving his country and the Mount Lavinia Hotel. And that he has served well not just as a simple minded unassuming Chef but as a Ambassador of Sri Lanka and Mount Lavinia Hotel.

We were proud to nominate him for this award and we are even more proud that the industry and the stakeholders also consider him a Legend for Sri Lanka Tourism,” states Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager Mount Lavinia Hotel.

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