Delicious Symphony of Asparagus and Mushrooms at the Mount Lavinia Hotel

Two favourite vegetables besides adding a wonderful earthy taste and texture to foods, both are great source of essential nutrients to one’s body. Asparagus is low in fat and sodium and an excellent source of the B vitamin folate whilst the latter is essential with minerals and other natural antioxidants often lacking in our highly processed food diets. There are many health benefits to eating mushrooms. They contain virtually no fat or cholesterol. Naturally low in sodium, mushrooms are also a good source of fiber.

When asked why an asparagus and mushroom promotion from 23rd to 30th September for dinner, The General Manager of the hotel avers, “the objective of such a promotion is twofold, we believe in the healthy cuisine lifestyle is fastly making waves in our society and the culinary magic that is created by our Chefs on these two fabulous vegetables is incredible.” Dishes like asparagus over Mushroom Hash topped with a Thyme Beurre Blanc, Boiled Green and white Asparagus served with Hollandaise Sauce and Brown Buttered New Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus Salad with Goat Cheese, Cherry Tomato and Lemon Olive Oil are just some of what’s on the menu.

The general Manager adds, “Whether you’re counting carbs or calories or just trying to include more healthful foods in your diet – mushrooms and asparagus are an ideal fit.”

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