The World’s Best Gathering Places

For many people the romance of the East is inseparable from the Old World charm of its colonial era buildings – and none is more romantic than Colombo’s Mount Lavinia Hotel. An enduring monument to illicit tropical passion, the early 19th century house was intended to be a country residence for British governors of what was then the Crown Colony Ceylon. It’s widely believed, however, that the second governor, Sir Thomas Maitland actually built it as a love nest to share with his dancing girl mistress, Lavinia, who gave her name to the rock on which it stands. A lasting reminder of their trysts runs beneath the Mount Lavinia Hotel: a secret tunnel that, legend has it, was intended to provide a discreet route for the lady to visit the plenipotentiary. Today the hotel’s Terrace Bar offers much more than just a romantic history. Connoisseurs of gracious living come for the heart stoppingly beautiful panorama of the Indian Ocean. But equally potent attractions are the ice cold beers, gin and tonics, and whisky and sodas that slip down so smoothly with the setting of the sun.

The Terrace
Mount Lavinia Hotel
Colombo, Sri Lanka

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