Recognizing Team Members at MLH this Christmas season

GM and Chairman having happy sentiments of the events that will proceedxx

GM welcoming memers of the team and their families flanked by Chef Publisxx

The mgmt team of MLH ready to welcome the team membersxx

Team member recognition is absolutely essential.  Looking for every opportunity you can to reward and recognize excellent results, “above and beyond” effort and value added is MLH’s belief. Hence to recognize their team 5th Dec 2010 was set for a grand event, when 800 team members and their families gathered for some quality time.

The General Manager, Mr Anura Dewapura’s reign has indeed done justice from image to quality of service and innovativeness in dining, events and products have certainly made MLH the most talked about iconic hotel in town.

He stated the following as the key to the success of the hotel. And indeed was very well executed on the 5th of Dec.

It’s all up to YOU. Financial rewards, our company’s “brand” or the quality of our executive team will not, by themselves, make my team successful.  It is actually up to YOU to make it happen.

Recognition is KEY. Noticing and recognizing the RIGHT behaviors is the key to strengthening team member relationships.  During these tight economic times, we were called upon to do more with less resources.  Keeping and motivating high-performing employees becomes even more critical during these times.  As a leader, it is YOUR JOB to recognize and bond your most valued people to your team and your company. And no doubt my engineering team did wonders by saving millions for the company.

Pick your “rewards” wisely. We do not wait until we offer a raise to recognize great performance; heart-felt and sincerely-delivered “thanks” is its own reward.  When team members feel recognized and involved, they are much less likely to keep asking about money.  Examples of things we include (a) remembering our team members’ birthdays (b) Lavinia Star – recognizing efforts that made an impact on quality of service and product. (c) Team member of the month. (d)  Walk around the departments on a daily basis and looing for opportunities to say thanks and giving verbal recognition of effort.

It’s all in the presentation. Praise and recognition must be specific to have an impact.  And indeed it has paid off in the motivational factor of my team.

Keep your eye on the harvest. Focus recognition on the kinds of behavior that make your team and your company better.  With this type of focus, your team will understand that recognition is not a popularity contest but an important tool to move people toward specific goals, make team members more efficient and make work groups more productive.

Make formal milestones worth remembering. Making the most of my company’s quality of service, tenure of one’s work experience were areas that were highlighted.  Presenting a formal award doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be an opportunity to bond a team member to you and your team and to reinforce our goals and vision.

Keep on growing! Recognition means most to a team member when it’s sincere and spontaneous.  Lavinia Star is a mechanism that brings the best out of recognizing.

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