Global No Pesticides Use Day commemorated by Mount Lavinia Hotel

Since December 3rd has been designated the Global “No Pesticides Use Day” to commemorate what many consider the worst chemical disaster in the history of humankind–Bhopal. The date was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, which occurred 3 December, 1984, and killed hundreds and injured thousands of people. And indeed the day aims to draw attention to the life threatening impacts of chemical pesticides on people and the environment.

Mount Lavinia Hotel’s Green initiatives main mission is to offer tangible ideas to be actively shaping the environment that they live in, and commemorating a day as such is one of their pledges to a better tomorrow.

The General Manager of the hotel states, “We passionately reject the presence of pesticides in our property they are in no way contributing to improving the quality of life of our people.”

To commemorate the day Mount Lavinia Hotel will launch their compost manufacturing unit in the property along with the day spent on spraying foliage in the premises with Kohomba Oil. The objective of spraying Kohomba Oil or Neem Oil is to purify the air in addition it prevents insects being attracted to the foliage. It also has important liminoids which play an excellent synergistic effect on Insects/Pests.

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