Modern Australian flavours blended to the kitchen brigade at MLH with Chef Asanka from Aussie

Modern Australian cuisine involves the mixing of completely different ethnic traditions. Potent Asian flavors such as lemon grass, coriander, chili, and cardamom can be blended into many European dishes. Chef Asanka, the newest addition to MLH’s kitchen brigade now surfaces this unique dining experience.

Having gained his cooking experience from Australia, Chef Asanka had a flair for modern Australian cuisine and is inspired by Matt Moran – a top celebrity Chef from Australia. After being an Executive Chef in a star class property in Melbourne he decided to head to his home country and indeed to MLH

As strange as it may sound, sometimes it is possible to be too creative. No where is this more evident than at MLH when this modern flavours can be experienced. Chef Asanka creates his own recipe than refine another chef’s recipe which has proven itself to be liked by guests the world over, As a consequence, odd recipes like Asparagus/Wild mushroom and Cabernet jus find their ways onto dinner tables when really they should find their ways into another cooking style. As his philosophy in his cooking style is: simple, fresh with flair

His worked with Ashley Mark Benson – Roxborough Park Hotel in Melbourne, Virendra Bisht – Smoken Joes Café in Moonee Ponds, Warren King –Ivanhoe Hotel in Ivanhoe, Michael Lambi – Taxi Dining Room – Modern Australian and Japanese cuisine.

Variety is the spice of life is the motto to modern Australian cuisine. A blend of Mediterranean and Asian ingredients to work with when creating recipes, and these being combined into imaginative ways is Chef Asanka’s verdict. For example, Roasted Gibsland Eye Fillet with confit Asparagus/Wild mushroom and Cabernet jus or Confit Ocean trout with warm salad of sautéed potatoes/rocket and hazelnut and Chardonnay cream, Roasted King Prawns, seared scallops, salad of asparagus, micro herbs, confit tomato and spices, are just a few to mention that he conjures up.

MLH indeed thrives on the statement the “world at our doorstop” when they surface worldclass cooking styles for you to experience, it’s not surprising that they have now surfaced Modern Australian cuisine; the ultimate fusion of Asian and Australian flavours to you to venture. Visit MLH from the 24th to 30th Jan to indulge in the Australian week in conjunction with the National Day event of the Great Australian BBQ on 26th and 29th Jan dedicating the night to first Slow Food night for 2011 Australian style — you won’t be disappointed.

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