Mount Lavinia Hotel plays host to Colombo Heritage Car Rally

Heritage Car Rally3-Cars at the courtyard

The Colombo Heritage Rally 2009 organized by the Volkswagen Beetle Owners Club on 8th Nov 2009 caught attention of automobile enthusiasts in the city. The Rally had a unique theme that the participants were given tasks emphasizing the heritage instilled in our country.

An array of Volkswagen Beetles made in the 50’s to 70’s was lined up at the courtyard of the famed Mount Lavinia Hotel where they were flagged off to venture the streets of Colombo on their heritage car rally.

Peter Jasinghe, President of the Club states, states, “The objective of the rally is to create awareness of our heritage sites in the vicinity of Colombo and surroundings whilst interacting among members and having fun.”

Peter also added, “The owners of the cars came forth to participate with a sense of pride. And to maintain these cars, one need not be educated, but has to be a very skilled person and have a historical interest in the car.”

“It’s wonderful to see all these old cars come back into their former glory and particularly to be flagged off from a premier heritage site is a privilege for Mount Lavinia Hotel to be associated with an event that is in line with our objectives,” avers Mahika Chandrasena, Manager Corporate Communications of the hotel.

The Volkswagen Beetle Owners Club has been active for the past 10 years and has 225 members. At present there are approximately 50 Volkswagens in the club.

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