One of the Worlds Best Gathering Places now surfaces THE GOVERNOR’s BRUNCH on Sundays amidst Jazz to soothe your Sunday Blues

Great British food means unfussy dishes made with quality local ingredients, matched with simple sauces to accentuate flavour, rather than disguise it.

Historically, British cuisine has had something of a shocking reputation worldwide – for soggy vegetables, slap-dash sauces and over-cooked murky meat. Yet MLH our is now recognized as among the best in the world and their influence seems to be spreading to other hotels aswell. An exciting feature of British cuisine is its ability to absorb the cultural influence of those that settle in Britain. Now-national dishes such as chicken tikka masala, lasagne and spag bol come from this openness to accept and adapt, as does the innovative dishes as Kedgrec, etc. The most important meal of the week in a traditional British household is Sunday lunch. Served around 1pm-3pm, this family meal consists of a large joint of meat (typically Roast beef or a leg of lamb) roasted along with Birmingham Style meatloaf with creamy mustard sauce, Oxtail Soup /Haggis /Irish stew/Steak & Kidney Pie potatoes and served with boiled vegetables and the appropriate sauce – strictly apple with pork, horseradish with beef, and mint with lamb. There has been a recent revival in old and rare breeds such as Roast Wellington with jus and Bearnaise sauce, Traditional Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding and Sunday Roast of the Day with Roast potato and Gravy – these are perfect for a succulent and tender roast, and indeed MLH has it all.

Steamed puddings are a traditional choice for dessert – Mud Cake/Pancakes with raspberry jam/Apple and Cinnamon Crumpets/Country Style Fruit Flan/Summer Pudding/Chocolate Trio/Caramel Bread are among the favourites. Crumbles make a more popular choice these days. Try Rhubarb and Apple Crumble, has a deliciously delicate flavour; Apple Black Berry Pie/Short Cake/Mini Tartlets/Apple Charlotte/Dundee Cake, and much more.

The action stations that take a stance to English food Egg Benedictine and Egg Florentine with the hot corner spicing it up with Scottish Eggs/Welsh Rarebit, are just a few to mention.

Brunch has become such a permanent fixture in British life that, precisely at 1100hrs AM every Sunday MLH, will transform it’s best gathering place with not only the ambience but also the food to British people’s delicacies. An international buffet spread with a leaning towards classic British cuisine is yours to journey through.

Here are a few items to journey through:


Beetroot salad with horseradish /Egg boats with shrimps and chives dressing

Waldorf Salad/Chicken liver terrine with Black Currant drizzle

Cole slaw with Colmans mustard/Rabbit Terrine with Pickled carrots

Chicken salad with Gherkins/Smoked fish salad with tomato and Mayonnaise

Winter Cress Salad/Pickled herrings /Pickled Mixed Vegetable/Pickled eggs

Traditional Ham egg pie/Cabbage and raisin salad with orange

Egg Benedictine (Action)

Egg Florentine (Action)

Scottish Eggs/Welsh Rarebit


Devonshire Crab Soup /Shropshire Pea Soup /Cock & Leek Soup

Oxtail Soup /Haggis /Irish stew/Steak & Kidney Pie

Chicken & Mushroom Pie /Cheese & Onion Pie

Lancashire Hot Pot /Cornish Pastries /Roast Cornish Hen

Shepherd pie /Sunday Roast of the Day with Roast potato and Gravy (Carving)

Prime Rib Of Beef /Chicken in Cherry Sauce

Chicken Tika Masala /Tandoori Butter Chicken

Lamb Ragenjosh /Lamb Vindaloo/Pepper Steaks/Spice Silver Side /Sausage Station

English Sausages (Variety of 1foot long on the Grill)

Cottage Pie /Grilled Liver & Bacon/Roast Pork with Apples

Traditional Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding (Carving)

Roasted Chicken Balmoral Style (Carving)

Birmingham Style meatloaf with creamy mustard sauce

Roast Wellington with jus and Bearnaise sauce (Carving)

Fish and chip (Action)

Potato and Bacon Gratin /Pan fried filet of fish with capers and beetroot

Poached white Fish with hollandaise /Kedgerec /Baked Trout

Minted Broccoli with Almonds /Mushy peas/Cauliflower Gratin

Baked Beans /Black Pudding /English Muffins


Cottage Loaf

Sage Onion Bread/Selection of Muffins & English Muffins


English Cheeses


Pickle Lillie /Pickle Gherkins /Pickled Red Cabbage


Apple Black Berry Pie/Short Cake/Mini Tartlets/Banana Cake

Apple Charlotte/Dundee Cake/Fruit Trifle /Queens Cake

Carrot Cake/Pound Cake/Coffee Fudge/Honey Cake

Mud Cake/Pancakes with raspberry jam/Apple and Cinnamon Crumpets

Country Style Fruit Flan/Summer Pudding/Chocolate Trio

Caramel Bread and Butter Pudding/Baked Cheese cake

Rhubarb And Apple Crumble/Fruit Pavlova/Juggery Pudding

English Trifle / Date Pudding

And for all who still crave for the New Orleans food. Saturday nights with Jazz under the stars, New Orleans food will be the soul.

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