Japanese Slow food night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel was an Attitude as much as a fabulous evening

The guests enjoying the first course

When the night of 21st of November at the Mount Lavinia Hotel was dedicated to a “Japanized” Slow Food Night, the thought may have crossed many minds as to how are they going to surface a Slow Food night with authentic and indeed inspired fine Japanese cuisine. As Chef Dharshan stated, “Why Nihonbashi! Nihonbashi is slow food! he stated, “We prepare every dish ala minute and from ingredients that are not frozen. “

He stated that this dinner at the beautiful Maitland State Room at Mount Lavinia Hotel was indeed a challenge as he made the menu with 100% local main ingredients. The menu consisted of Sashimi, Tuna New Style Sashimi, Ebi Shio Yaki with Wasabi Mayo, Cuttle Fish Semi Sashimi with Peperoncino, Sarana Goma Ae, Chicken Liver Teriyaki with Rice and Soy and Olive Oil Steamed Fish with rice

The main aim of the slow-food night was to protect local food producers, to promote taste education and to protect food heritage. And the Slow Food dinner pays attention not only to our country’s internal problems, but also to global issues such as biodiversity and environmentally sustainable farming.

“The great thing about supporting Slow Food is one can adopt the slow-food philosophy even if you are living in a luxury villa because the fact is that you have to eat food, and that links you to the producers, no matter where they are in the world. This is the most fascinating aspect of this movement,” says Anura Dewapura General Manager of the Hotel.

The evening was spent in gourmet food style. The guests appreciated and enjoyed the selected food on the plate with their refined tastes all cooked up by Chef Dharshan but also paid attention to the origins of the food, such as the producers and their lives. One guest endorsed that, “Slow food may cost a bit more, but I am willing to pay for food that I really want to eat if I believe that it is fairly priced.”

“To promote alternative lifestyles that focus on environmentally sustainable living components and indeed organic food is often more expensive. But if you believe it is good for you and also good for the environment, paying the extra cost for a fabulous meal at a unique venue is only reasonable,” stated another ardent fan of Slow Food dinners at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Slow food is not difficult. It is saying ‘let’s enjoy food,’ and is trying to preserve a society in which you can pursue that pleasure.

The slow-food philosophy states share meals with your family and friends. Hence the long rectangular table at the Maitland State Room where all partook and savoured the delicacies of Chef Dharshan’s menu which indeed was the essence of a fabulous Slow Food Night.

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