Egyptian Folk Dance Night live at Mount Lavinia Hotel, 19th Nov 2009

With a red Veilxx

19th Nov 2009 Mount Lavinia Hotel promises their most exciting evening with genuine oriental dance performances including the Amazing “Wing dance”, Fantastic “Tabla”, and Mysterious veil dance by the Almeya Trio.

When you mention Belly Dancing (Dance Oriental) to most people, their first thoughts are of something rather sordid, but this is not the case. Belly Dancing is a beautiful, cultural art form that has had a great deal of bad press for far too many years. The dance is also an expression of motion. From the ecstatic joy in the dynamic music, through the sensuality of smooth fold and power of the sharp hip movement to the pulsing drum and mystical veil, the moods and emotion of the belly dance reflect the dancer’s inner life and enhance her connection to her essential self.

The dance goes back to centuries ago and has had many influences over the years and Europe (Spain, Greece and Turkey) has influenced the Arabic dance.

Belly dancing is a creative art, and every woman brings her own experience and personality to her dance, that is where it becomes the ability to transform and transcend through a connection of body and rhythm that is simultaneously primal and cosmic.

19th November 2009 at the Governor’s Restaurant whilst indulging in flavours of Moghuls and Maharajas as the food spread for the evening. Almeya will keep you entertained.

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