Japanese cuisine in the limelight at the 5th Slow Food Night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel

Japan-Chairman having a chat with H E Mr Bernard Savage -Ambassador of the European Union

Enjoying good food is an essential pleasure. But the slow-food chapter in Colombo asks whether “good food” can mean more than simply the flavor and presentation of a meal. “When we talk about quality food, we mean something that is good to taste but also good in terms of its background,’ ” said Chef Leo President of the Slow Food Chapter in Sri Lanka. Therefore, 21st of November, the Governor’s Rooftop will be Japanese cuisine in all its glory with Master Chef Dharshan Munidasa of Nihonbashi, inspired in fine Japanese cuisine, who has now endorsed Slow Food Cooking is the future.

“Slow food known to be about ‘eco-gastronomy,’ in which it appreciates not only food itself but also things ‘outside the plate,’ such as the method of cooking, the producers and the food’s history,” said Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager of the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Slow Food nights at the Mount Lavinia Hotel are a different approach to food from gourmets, who appreciate only the taste and look of the food on the plate. It appreciates wider issues around food which is key to understanding the Slow Food movement. Slow Food Colombo has gathered more than 40 members since it was established in July this year. Although the term “slow food” is often used to mean simply the opposite of fast food, Chef Leo says, “we have come too far in this speed-oriented life. We should now eat or consume only the amount of food we really need. We should be more conscious of the food we eat.”

When asked Chef Leo as to the reason for Japanese cuisine on the 5th Slow Food night, he states, “it is actually about constructing new values regarding food, building relationships with fellow chefs and considering where and when it was made and what history or tradition it represents.”

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